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Once upon a time a certain person only had Memory Map version 4 and he was given a lot of discs with lots of maps on, he was very happy, :D but all that happiness turned to sadness when he realised that he could not use those maps because they could only be used with version 5 :anibad:

But out there in the big old geocaching world there was a fairy god mother/father who sent him a special present which made his version 4 turn into a version 5 at the click of a button.

Well after many years and lots of use, his poor old version 5 is not very well, and keeps crashing, :ph34r: This is really upseting :D So the poor old owner thinks it is time to reinstall and start again........but alas...OH No :unsure: he exclaimed, he only has discs for the old version 4.


Will his favorite fairy god father/mother still be out there, will they still be able to help him after all this time, can it happen before midnight? :)

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