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  1. I added a tutorial for GDAK without GSAK at http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=307710&view=findpost&p=5209621&hl=&fromsearch=1
  2. I know a lot of people use smart phones and use c:geo but I use GDAK as well, it can down load single caches as you go along, but its strong point is the ability to load GSAK databases. This means you can have tens of thousands of caches available on your phone. Even without a 3g signal available. You do need to be a Premium Member on geocaching.com to download pq's. I usually use GSAK on a VirtualBox (or VM). But this week I didnt have time to play about so I wondered if you could load multiple Pqs into GDAK but no. However there is a little prog that can help. Found at http://www.eapktop.com/geocaching-droid-army-knife-1-35.html For users without GSAK there is an application to convert GPX-files to GSAK-like databases. You can download it here: http://tinyurl.com/bnao6mg How to use. You need to have GDAK installed on your Android phone. Down load the above zip ad extract it to a folder of your choice – I made a folder called GPX. Then down load your PQ zip's to the same folder*. Double click on gpx2gsak.exe and the program will start. GPX Location> use the folder button, to point to the zips Tick > Use zip files instead of GPX files. Then Click Create GSAK Database. This will produce a sqlite.db3 file (the database) Plugin your Android phone. Brows to your GDAK data folder. Make a new folder with a descriptive name. Copy the sqlite.db3 file into this folder. Unplug your Android phone and start GDAK tap the database icon and select the database you just loaded. Lots and lots of caches to find. Done Several areas can be made using the above procedure or a global database as you require. Gpx2gsak also works very well in Linux using Wine – This is how I'm using it *Do not have any other (non gpx) zips in the folder you chose.
  3. Can some kind person point me to a tutorial on how to import google maps onto a Garmin Oregon 300. It'll be an area of about 3x7 miles of forestry tracks. I'm using Talky toaster maps at the moment. Thanks.
  4. I'm the same it'll take two dnf's for me to check the cache out , but I also periodically do maintenance visits to all my caches. I also get NM logs from people who cant find a specific cache - its well hidden they just dont read the description telling them where it is (night cache)...
  5. Oh if only Have these on a particular cache regularly - accompanied by DNF log !!!
  6. Thats what I do at the mo, but the flask/water doesn't keep its heat after a 4+ hours.
  7. Was thinking more of something about a foot high that would be placed against the wind, But I do like the other option []
  8. I know a lot of cachers/walkers like a brew when out and about. Was thinking of buying a vango Compact Gas Stove & Micro 100 or 250 Gas Cartridge as a starter see how I get on dont want the expense of a jetboil at the mo. Would a tin cup be ok to boil the water in? What about a wind break - do I need one?
  9. STOOOPID ME!!! Sorted, wish I could read instructions. Goggle maps selected as default D'oh. FIXED NOW
  10. Mine have gone again, cant get them back at all, not seeing the icons associated with this app on the main map page . BUT it does work on the mini map on the individual cache page!?? I have tried the console stuff didn't work. Deleted both app and greasemonkey then reinstalled but still did not work.
  11. At GZ GC1RCAP these shrooms are about 16" across!
  12. Try manually resetting the script's configuration. Instructions here: http://geo.inge.org.uk/gme_trouble.htm#resetconfig On booting up today the Icons were back but still no OS maps... Followed the instructions from the link but still no luck, but using the cog icon bottom left reset to defaults = OS Maps Back !!
  13. Updated to 57 today due to no OS maps - In both 57 & 58 I now have NO options what so ever, the stacked icon top right has disappeared and I'm on the default map... Running on Win7/ff11
  14. Oops upgraded last week but its stopped working today, prob on GS's end? .
  15. Been There Done That. Usually in the middle of "summer"
  16. Tried a pair of these on yesterday but found them slack over the top of the balls of my feet as do many boots, I find that the boots then pinch the insides of my feet. I dont need a pair of boots as my Brasher Aztrek are still prefect apart from abrasions from rocks. But I did by some Clarks Overide lo GTX (50% off) as I'm really heavy on walking shoes.
  17. THANK YOU Absolutely Brilliant, Google maps back and OS Maps THANK YOU
  18. Uni Power tank pens - very good even on wet papaer http://www.amazon.co.uk/Uni-Ball-Powertank-Point-Outdoor-Assorted/dp/B000QW078W/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1329483763&sr=8-1 Just noticed these have already been posted
  19. Did 4 caches by the same setter all film pot size all in the biggest freezer bags they could find, you didn't need to look for the container you could see the bags from a distance! This is not the only setter doing this as it seems the to be quite common now. The bags become ripped quite quickly and then become useless to keep the water out, quite often the containers are not waterproof either; just some random box. Betcha the setters don't even know this is frowned upon, would it be possible for reviewers to check this at the time of review. May be a paragraph on the confirmation that its been received for review, although that's an auto generated email so that wouldn't work. How is the urban matter addressed could it be treated the same way? Comments / suggestions?
  20. If you use the FireFox browser you could use the rehostimage plugin which seems quite good.
  21. Cardiff Bay Circular starting with Number One Theres quite a few others around the area.
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