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Really want to log Benchmark not in the system

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Hello, I am new to these forums and I suspect this is an old story but, I have not been able to sort through the info after about an hour of reading. I was hiking in the white mountains (in New Hampshire) this weekend and since they have forbidden geocaches on the appalachian trail, there were none to find but when I got to the top of the first 4000 foot mountain I had ever climbed, I found a benchmark there. It said "US Geological Survey Benchmark" and the name appeared to be "Mt Pierce". The date was 19??. I can post a pic when I get home tonight. The coords were N44 13.585 W71 21.960. All weekend I was looking forward to logging a find for this benchmark and writing a note for my walking stick travel bug to say it was there and I get home and check gc.com and no benchmark ;) . I could not navigate through the waypoint section to see if it exhists there already and...... I am getting frustrated! What I really want to do is have it added to the gc.com site. Is that even possible??? I feel like I have already worked harder than I have for some 5/5 caches <_< Any guidance appreciated!


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The gc.com benchmarks database doesn't change, except for logs of benchmarks already there. The database is a copy of the NGS database in the year 2000. There has been talk from the admins about plans to update from the NGS from time to time, but it has never happened. Even if it did, there are thousands of marks that are not included and will not be included in the NGS database, probably including the one you found. It's an issue of paperwork and standards over at NGS.


Certainly if you do make a log at the Waymarking site (also owned by gc.com) you can then post a picture here in the forum by referencing the pic's location over at Waymarking (same as if you put a picture anywhere on the WWWeb).

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...and Travel Bugs cannot officially visit Bench Marks anyway...but if only they could.


Can a TB or coin be dropped (visit) at a Waymark?



I didn't think so.


I had guessed I would not be able to log the TB in the benchmark but I had envisioned writing a note on the TB page and referencing the name of the benchmark. I guess I can still create the waypoint and just cut and paste the URL into the TB log <_< .

Thanks again for the input!

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