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Oregon 550t

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I'd like that very much BUT I doubt that report is true considering that even in the 60CSX they are switching from the SirfIII to Mediatek's latest offering. I would think that our only hope for a better chipset would be in the new chips from Mediatek.


So far, in my Oregon I'm very dissapointed in the Cartesio. Going down the road in your car it's very accurate, you can even see lane changes. At hiking/walking speeds the Cartesio turns into Mr Hyde and gets nasty, especially if you challenge it with trees or hilly terrain.

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According to MediaTek:


"The MediaTek MT3329 single-chip baseband features -165dBm ultra-high sensitivity with least power consumption of competitive solutions, also the fastest acquisition on the market, designed for mobile navigation devices where rapid time-to-first-fix (TTFF) and superior navigation performance are required. Besides, the MediaTek MT3329 enables the most precise positioning even under slow movements like hiking or mountain climbing, which is ideal for Garmin’s outdoor navigators."


I'm very hopeful about the specs. At least they've put emphasis on the "...precise positioning even under slow movements...". That tells me the industry recognizes the problem with earlier Mediatek and the current STM Cartesio with their slow movement deficiencies.


I'll hold out a few months or even a year for the next generation of Garmin handhelds that have this chip. The Cartesio leaves alot to be desired.

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