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noncacher finds cache

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hi i just want to say i am a non-cacher,but i am a treasure hunter with a metal detector.i stumbled across a cache in the malta ny area while detecting.i was surpised .did not know what it was at first till i seen geocache. i placed the cache back where i found it.i returned to place something i found in it... just because.(sorry a bullet casing)thats all i found though.same spot(hidden a little better).looked up the site, and your game looks fun.i might look into playing.no gps though.anyway for now if the cache is still there i will be placing alittle bit of history in that one for you cachers.they are nothing of significant value,but treasures non the less.good luck to you all. :(

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Hello Searcher!!


Pretty nice of you to put everything back - and to add to it as well. I hope that you decide to start geocaching someday as you seem like a person that enjoys wandering around looking for things anyway.


Nice to meet you and hope to see you around :(

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Nice post Ronnie!


1searcher... hope you join us in our game. When I was introduced to this sport/game/hobby I was surprised these things are all over and most people are non the wisher to them. I hope you created an account and logged it as your first find!?


Treasure is always a good thing!!!

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1searcher......this game is for you. I always wanted a metal detector so I figure we're from the same mold as far as hunting stuff.


As far as not having a GPS, the only solution that I know of is to create an account......search for the caches nearest to your address......click on the map......then click "satellite" for the real world map. Then, have a good memory! It's how I got started in the game as well as a friend of mine. He had found over 100 caches that way until his mom and I pitched in to buy him a gps for his 18th birthday. Good luck to you!

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