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Geocaching w/ Garmin Nuvi?

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I have used a Nuvi 660, and now a 750. I use them mainly to navigate and to hold cache webpages (paperless). My primary GPS is a Vista HCx. I rarely take the Nuvi out of the car because it is heavy; has a low battery life; and is susceptible to damage if I drop it.


But, if that's all you have... The preferred Nuvi is one that has a satellite screen so you navigate by the numbers. It's alot more effective than zooming in to 50 feet or so, in the map screen. For the paperless feature you'll need GSAK and pilotsnipes' fine macro.

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I have a 200 model that I got free from a Discover Card promotion last summer. I use it mostly to reach a site and then use my handheld Lowrance. However, if I have to hike in to one or more caches, I love to take the Nuvi along for the paperless feature. I'll put it in a ziplock bag in the off mode (to keep it dry cuz it's not waterproof) and stick it in my backpack. When I need it, I turn it on for a short duration (cuz of the short battery life). Love it...don't know how I existed without it.

By the way, the Nuvi does have a pedestrian mode...don't know how well it works though.

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My first 140 caches was found with a Nüvi but since I got my Legend HCx the Nüvi usually stays in the car. I wouldn't want to be without it though as I use it for paperless geocaching, including spoilerpics.


I recommend using my custom vehicle: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=213782


My custom vehicle makes it much easier to cache with the map mode. Although my GPS do have the satellite screen I did prefer using the map. Configure the map to 2D-mode and north up. That works best when searching for caches. Also do not trust the direction of the vehicle when walking. At slow speeds it is often not correct. Turning on visible tracks makes it easier to see the direction you move.


Also, important. Pedestrian mode and off-road navigation once out of the car or you will not have much fun geocaching. In car-mode it will try to lock your position to the nearest road and that will make caching with the map screen a real pain.


Do also try to hold the GPS vertical if possible and try not to cover to much of the backside with your hand. Doing this will increase your reception and give you a more accurate position.

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