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  1. OMG! The phrase "- Use the source, Luke" comes to my mind and suddenly I do not want to be the source any longer...
  2. I am the source... http://kallt_kaffe.milliways.st/vehicles/
  3. Google for "advanced nuvi macro" (or search these forums for it) and you should find the Nuvi macro that you need export, as POIs, cache information from GSAK. You may want to start with the macro from pilotsnipes (http://pilotsnipes.googlepages.com) which does the same thing but without spoiler pictures. The macro from pilotsnipes can be easier to get working as it doesn't have all the bells'n'whistles of the more advanced macro. Also pilotsnipes has very good instructions for how to set it up.
  4. I found my first 140 caches with a 2x5 (first a 205 then a 255 but they work just the same). Now I use a Legend HCx but I still use my Nüvi for car navigation and more importantly, keeping the cache information. I store 17000-18000 caches with full cache description, the last 5 logs AND spoiler pictures (where available). Depending on your GSAK skills it can be a bit hard to setup but once you get inte working you will not want to be without it. I also made a custom vehicle to make it a bit more useful when/if used for caching but since you allready have handheld devices that are better suited for the out-of-car part of the caching you may not need it. You'll find the vehicle here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=213782
  5. I second that opinion... However do NOT glue it back while you are within the warranty period. I got a brand new unit when my rubber came loose.
  6. Det är inte mig du skall oroa dig för när det gäller FTF:er i falutrakten... Idag hade jag tur och jag har nästan dubbelt så långt att åka. Bork bork!
  7. Most people use choose gmail for this since they offer imap push-mail. imap-push mail i supported in most modern phones. I've personally used it with several Sony Ericsson phones as K550i, K850i and now a G502. However, I am not using gmail myself so I cannot describe the necessary steps to set this up with your specific phone (I'm using my own mail server) but I'd be surprised if you cannot find instructions for this with a few google searches. The advantage of imap push-mail is that you are instantly notified when a mail arrive and the amount of data traffic used is very small. Just make sure to use a gmail account for this that you do not use for anything else than notifies and the traffic should be mimimal. EDIT: Here's gmail instructions (in swedish): http://geocaching.se/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5953
  8. You should be able to see EGNOS satellites 33, 39 and 44 or at least those are the ones I occasionally see in Sweden. When the GPS has seen an EGNOS satellite for some time you will get a small "D" on each satellite strenght bar. It works like this... In several places in Europe there are reference stations located at known coordinates. These stations pick up GPS signals and since they know their own coordinates they can calculate the error in the recieved signals. The errors are made into correction data which is transmitted from the EGNOS satellites to your GPS so that your GPS can correct the recieved signals and get a better accurancy. Unlike normal GPS satellites the EGNOS satellites are geostationary (just like TV-broadcast satellites) and that means they are located above the equator. So the further north you are, the less likely it is that your GPS will see them. I live at N60 and I get EGNOS lock now and then but usually only in open areas. WAAS as mentioned above works the same but for North America. And EGNOS recently went "live" and is no longer in testing.
  9. Downloading Mapsource_6157.exe right now.
  10. I'll just throw in this link: http://stillwater.org/police/media/Suspici...ivity092909.pdf
  11. Whatever you do, don't use the Li-ion batteries as trade items: http://www.stillwater-newspress.com/local/..._279115411.html
  12. The "news": First of all, this has been active for years... Second, 6 feet is roughly 2 meters accurancy which is what I sometimes get with my HCx when it finds an EGNOS satellite (living at N60 means it's not something to count on to happen...) so that part is actually true. However, without EGNOS I often get 3 meters accurancy in open areas which so it reality it is not from 60 to 6 feet... It's from 10 to 6 feet. And not a single GPS will get more accurate over night. Nothing has changed... It's just officially launched instead of being "tested".
  13. Seems like a nice unit. It's the same as the Dakota 20 but without a microSD slot and no electronic compass. You do not need an electronic compass although it may be nice to have one but you should be aware that not having a microSD slot can will limit the amount of maps you can store in the unit. Also the Dakota is quite similar to the Oregon series but the Dakota has a slightly smaller screen, lower resolution and lacks picture viewer and Wherigo support. Do compare the price of Oregon 200 (which also lacks electronic compass) with the Dakota 10 before deciding. While the Oregon 200 only has 24Mb built in memory it does have MicroSD slot and MicroSD cards are dead cheap. Also you'll get the picture viewer (for bringing spoiler pictures) and Wherigo support. Since th Dakota is "new" and the Oregon 200 has been on the market for a while the price difference is propably low or none at all.
  14. More info about this problem can be found in this thread: http://www.gpspassion.com/forumsen/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=128479 And as I said above, it should be fixed in the new firmware (5.70). EDIT: Just installed this and it also brings GPS firmware up from 3.10b to 3.70b. EDIT2: Had an accurancy of 3-4 meters almost the whole way home from work today while seeing 12 satellites (most of the time). Seems to work great so far.
  15. This problem is supposed to fixed in FW 5.70 that was just released.
  16. I'm have had the exakt same problem recently with my Nüvi 255. Sometimes it works just fine and sometimes it just sees a few satellites. If those 4-5 satellites are high in the sky then it's all fine and accurancy is acceptable but if the satellites seen are near the horizon the the accurancy can get really bad like +/- 86 meters. And then again some days it just works as normal with 8-11 satellites seen. It can't be an antenna issue as even if it just sees 4 or 5 satellites the strenght can be excellent. I also have my legend HCx to compare with and under the same sky it can see 11 satellites when the nuvi only sees 4 or 5. I've reset the unit with the resetbutton, I've hard resetted it and also reflashed it with latest firmware (the same one that I allready had) and since then it seems to work a little better but that may just be a coincidence. I'm not sure when this started but until a few weeks ago it has never done this. Perhaps it is a bug in the latest firmware?
  17. Since I have allready paid for GSAK and also use it for other things like statistics this is nothing that I will likely use but it sounds like a really great tool. As for Venture HC I am pretty sure it will work unless you have an old firmware. Custom POIs was added in the later firmware versions (same should apply to Summit HC units). As for Nüvis (and Zumos) I suppose it should work too, I've accindently installed my HCx POIs on my Nüvi at least once and as I recall it worked. However it won't look as nice as the really cool Nüvi GSAK macros that exists but GSAK can be a bit complicated for some people and then this program could be a very good alternative.
  18. "Are you going to add spoilerpic support to the Oregon series or will the Nüvi continue to be the best device for paperless caching?"
  19. No, it does not have a SIRF chip. Also, for the record, the newly produced 60CSx doesn't use SIRF anymore. My Legend HCx claims to use a Bravo 2 chip which I am pretty sure is a (renamed) Mediatek chip. If you want to get a 60CSx (or Cx) with a SIRF chip you can check what GPS firmware it uses. With the latest firmwares (3.90 and 4.00) the GPS chipset firmware will be 3.00s for SIRF units and 2.00m for mediatek units.
  20. I've been told this application takes care of the registry hacks: http://eastlands.dyndns.org/downloads/MMSirfSetup.exe Also good software to use should be: GeoScout: http://eastlands.dyndns.org/default.htm GCz: http://www.nicque.com/PQz/GCz.htm and of course groundspeaks own Geocaching Live.
  21. I must admit that after having tried to ask technical questions myself to the Garmin support I am not at all surprised with the answer you got. My guess is that they outsourced the support to save money. I myself asked about WAAS/EGNOS and the Nüvi 2x5 models as the swedish garmin site did (and in fact still do) claim that these models are WAAS/EGNOS-enabled. The first reply was this: I politely answered that an old eXplorist 100 (that I also had at the time) often got EGNOS lock even though the Nüvi usually had a better satellite reception. So the second reply was this: I then explained the difference between HotFix and WAAS/EGNOS and even linked to their own FAQ. I also explained that the swedish website was using false advertising (which I doubt is legal) since the 2x5 model obviously do not support WAAS/EGNOS. I never got an answer to my last email and they didn't even bother do change the swedish website. It is still wrong even though this mailconversation took place almost 5 months ago. So I agree on that Garmin support doesn't know what they are doing, or at least some of them do not. Instead of forwarding my question to someone who actually could answer me they obviously tried to send me a bunch of lies and hope that I would fall for it. As a customer I found that very insulting and I wouldn't bother to try to ask them for help again.
  22. Here's more information about the GPS hack needed to make it update position when moving slowly: http://groups.google.com/group/geoscout/br...aca1c4ebf?hl=en Here's another page about the same thing: http://wmpoweruser.com/?p=328 More information about the different GPS modes: http://forum.xda-developers.com/archive/in...p/t-405155.html
  23. I've googled about geocaching with a HTC TyTN II (my brother has such a phone and wanted to try geocaching) some weeks ago and there is a regisitry value that can be changed which controls this behaviour. In fact I had the exact same problem with my first GPS, a windows CE based Packard Bell Compasseo which was useless for geocaching for this reason even though it had a Sirfstar III chip. You should be able to find it if you google for TyTN II and geocaching. (and I'm pretty sure I read that the Touch Pro had the same issue so there is hope)
  24. I've also tried the worldwide basemap from my Nüvi 255 on my Legend HCx and it works fine. Just rename gmapbmap.img to gmapsupp.img. And you can use gmaptool (use google to find it) to join several gmapsupp.img into one and if you take one from a recent Nüvi you may also want to use gmaptool to remove the DEM information from it to save space. The 60CSx won't use it anyway.
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