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Issues with the COOKIE monster

E = Mc2

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Anyone else having this problem?


Every time I visit the GC.com website, I have to log in. Cookies are not being set properly. Yes, I am checking the 'remember me' box and I have the browser(s) set to accept cookies. This issue began a couple of days ago. If I close the tab, but not the browser, I still have to log back in when I re-visit a page.


I'm using WINXP with Google Chrome. Tried it with Internet Exploder 8 and got the same result.

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... This issue began a couple of days ago....


That's your clue. Something changed in your system. You can try system restore if there isnt' anything obviouse that you did a couple of days ago.

One would think so, but I hadn't changed anything. :)


The problem resolved itself soon (within a day or two) after my post. ;)

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