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Java Plug-in error


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I get this message every time I open a new page on geocaching.com "Java Plug-in Fatal Error" with this info inside the window "Several Java Virtual Machines running in the same process caused an error" I can close the message and continue on but like I said I get the message every time I open a new page and it is very annoying.

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You've got some junk on your computer that has nothing to do with GC.com. As far as I know, GC.com makes no use of Java (Javascript is something different); I don't let my browser touch Java and GC.com works just fine for me.


Got spyware, adware, toolbars, smiley generators, assorted cruft?


Firefox is an alternate browser that many consider superior to Internet Explorer. It sounds like you're using Internet Explorer, and that it's polluted enough that it's time to switch.

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