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Single or Multi? need advice

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I want to hide one as a 'Thank You to Veterens' on a VFW Park. Most of the time it will be a Single Stage cache, but on certain events such as 4th of July, the carnival is in the VFW park and is a complete MADHOUSE, that is when I would want it to place a small redirect coordinate for temporary events.


So Can I list it as a Multi and Title is "1 Stage Cache - 2 Stage during Events " Or do I just list it as a multi and 'Surprise' cachers when they find the first container


What would be the best way to do that?


Situation is, Steeleville IL, my Hometown, a very nice clean town, but VFW park is the only spot possible to place a cache. It is also the spot where "Illinois' Largest Small Town 4th of July Celebration", also giving it the nickname "The Biggest little city in IL" - yeah makes you think of Reno NV.


There is the Carnival, the Fireworks Show, and drinking tents everywhere. So you can see how it can be easily muggled. There are like 2 other annual events at the park as well.


Or do I list it as a single and put a clear note that during 4th of july there will be a temporary redirect.

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I think, if there are times when a traditional would prove problematic, I'd pick another way to go, either a simple puzzle or, (preferably), a multi, and leave it like that year round. On another note, work with your Reviewer prior to submission, on the cache page verbiage. There seems to be a general consensus that thanking Veterans is somehow posting an agenda, and your cache may not be published unless you word it carefully. I recently heard some other, related nonsense that including military logos (Army/Navy/Etc) on your cache page somehow violates the solicitation guideline.

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