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Help with custon trackables

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Hi everyone,


I'm getting married next spring, and I'd thought it would be neat to have some custom coins or tags made for my fiancee that we could leave in a few caches on our honeymoon, and near where we're getting married. The problem is, I can only find places that will make them in sets of 100. I'm thinking I need more like 10 or 15. Any recommendations?


~ Leigh

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You could buy some normal TBs, and have some laminated cards made with a photo of the two of you and a little explanation of why the Tbs are being released.


You could hunt for geocoins with a wedding theme, or that show the area where you will be honeymooning, and buy them, then activate and release.


You could have pathtags made (minimum is 50 coins, but much cheaper than geocoins).

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Another option is to buy travel bugs and engrave the tracking numbers onto something that would make an interesting traveller. You'd keep the bug's tags (because only one item with a tracking number can be "live" at a time), but the tag would be on the item itself. Some of the vendors offer great deals if you buy travel bugs in bulk -- look around and see what you can find.


I like the idea of laminated photos, tho. If you have photos from various points in your courtship/pre-wedding relationship, you could release them as a sequential series. You could print them out on sturdy cardstock, splitting them up between you and your intended, and using the backs of them as postcards that you write to one another, perhaps as your wedding and honeymoon progress. Keep them secret from each other. "Address" the card to a geocache (or two) that's near you and write a note around the edge of the card asking finders to move them closer to your home geocache(s), and to email you through geocaching.com when they've arrived so you know to pick them up. Laminate them and let 'em go. You wouldn't necessarily need TB numbers for them, unless you really did want to track their travels (which, now that I write, sounds pretty cool).


Later on, when they start to arrive, you'll have some cool "mail" to read. : )

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