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Search & Rescue in the UK

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Hi Everyone


Hope everybody is well and enjoying the recent sunny weather.


As a fellow cacher I wanted to share another one of my activities - It is like caching, only you look for people and you don't know where they are :anitongue:


The real reason is to draw people who enjoy the outdoors attention to the many lowland search teams in the UK. Everybody knows about the great work that the Mountain Rescue teams do but did you know there are search teams in Sussex, Kent, Wiltshire, Hampshire and many other counties?


As a member of Sussex Search and Rescue we are always looking for new members.


If your interested in finding out more a good place to start is the Association of Lowland Search and Rescue www.alsar.org.uk


Here you will be able to find a link to your local team.


Many Thanks for your time



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but did you know there are search teams in Sussex, Kent, Wiltshire, Hampshire and many other counties?



You know what? I didn't! But I guess you still have hills, and moors and heaths and cliffs and stuff makes sense. Never thought of it until the post. Thanks for the edification! :laughing:

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thanks for the post!


Maybe yourself or Berkshire SAR (if they're around!) can advise me..


I live in North Surrey (near Reigate) however Reigate doesn't have an SAR team. Would it be worthwhile me looking at one of the other teams (say Hampshire or Sussex)?


Also, I work in Central London and commute by train. Therefore, it would take me quite a while to be able to respond to any call out.


Any advice would be most welcome!




PS - contact through profile is fine if you feel it more appropriate...

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