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Tired of crushed crackers and oreos?

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I get very tired of crushed Ritz crackers with my summer sausage and cheddar cheese the third day out on a hike. I get even more tired of crushed Oreos for dessert. So, I've been looking around for some solution. Cardboard mailing tubes offer a possibility, but it's hard to find one the right size.


This morning, when Ms. Imajeep mentioned having been at The Container Store,a light clicked. If anybody would have what I am looking for, it would be them! Sure enough, they had the perfect item. It's a Desidry StayFresh Food Container, manufactured by The RPI Group of Solon, Ohio. It's a round plastic tube, meant for bulk-storing crackers and cookies. The tube comes in two halves that slide together. They are just large enough to hold a full sleeve of Ritz crackers or Oreo cookies.


As you eat creakers and cookies, the tubes collapse down to a smaller size, just large enough to hold what's left. Weight isn't bad; a couple of ounces. There is also a square-tube version sized for saltine crackers. I picked up a couple for a couple of upcoming Grand Canyon hikes--one for Ritz crackers, the other for Oreos.

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