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Oregon 400t - rotate display?

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I've had my Oregon for a short time now. I'm loving the features and have been pleased with the screen performance overall.


I see that Garmin is giving lots of attention to the Oregon software right now and adding features, refining, and hopefully removing all the bugs.


One thing I have wondered is if anyone has seen any requests or feels there will be any move toward offering a 'rotate display' or landscape display option for the Oregon? With the touch screen the display orientation is easy enough to change (since there are no hard buttons, only soft keys using the touch screen).


I see a benefit when using in automotive mode. In addition a landscape mode would make it possible to integrate a qwerty keyboard. I even think that a qwerty keyboard when in landscape mode (a quick flick around in the hand to make log entries - then back to landscape to navigate to the next cache) would be fine as well.


I'm sure there will be lots of UI feature updates and changes after the bugs are worked out. Any opinions/ideas?

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I doubt they have the enthusiasm. They would need to design and market different mounts as well.


Actually the current Garmin auto mount allows you to rotate your OR on a ball joint to any position you desire. It is a very good auto mount.


Yes - the Garmin mount rotates 90 Degs (my old mount for my Legend did as well - it was Garmin branded - never understood why it would rotate so far).


None the less - it seems like a simple software update but I'm no programmer (YUCK!). I'll send a note to the beta folks and an e-mail to custsrv. Can't hurt.


My mom used to say no a lot too . . . sometimes I'd manage to get a yes after 1567 nos :o


I'll encourage all others interested in a landscape display option to let Garmin know as well.

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