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  1. IMHO, it's better to own 50 caches that always have dry logs with space for signatures, than 49 caches that have dry logs with space for signatures and a regular supply of owner-stocked trade items. Restocking trade items is not the owner's responsibility. It's a nice thing to do, but it isn't an obligation. I never said it was an obligation. It is the visitors obligation to trade evenly. BUT, why not go the extra mile. based on the rpely's to this thread....not many have driven that road, unless quantity of caches count. This was just a suggestion based on an experience I had with three new KIDS that I was showing what Geocaching was all about. They got skunked and many were nasty and dirty inside. So, my point still stands. take care of you caches, clean em, and load em up if you can. Kid's..many of them enjoy swag...(I know, some purist children are ok without it). It is not your responsibility...but while you are their...consider loading it up.
  2. I disagree. Plant only as many as you can handle. It's better to own a couple of caches that you keep stocked then 50 caches you resent having to re-stock. if you cannot maintain the caches, then how could you be "serious about placing caches". Only place what you can handle and manage. Or place all micros, tehn archive when the log gets full...wait, that never happens. My bad.
  3. This is the funniest thread I've read all week. Do I detect the heady aromas of entitlement AND expectation couched in concern geocaching's welfare as a viable family activity? ***SNIIIIFFFF*** Yes, I believe I do. Snoogans- That aroma is not expectation or entitlement. Cross your legs, the smell will begin to dissipate.
  4. I agree. Once you post a "needs archive" the reviewer gets a blip on their radar. BEWARE: Some owners can be overly sensetive to a post like that, but you are doing it for other cachers benefit. Do what you think is right, and you will be fine.
  5. By calling CO's who don't restock lazy and/or disrespectful? GeoBain, Read my whole post. among other points, I said "i almost resembles laziness or lack of respect to other cachers. That being said; I know it is also the responsibility of the visiting cachers to trade equally from their perspective" I am simply saying, as a cache owner, you should maintain your cache. I would assume that means visit it once in a while. When you visit...empty the garbage, and consider loading it up with swag for the kid's...not the adults...but for the kids. Consider it. Visit your caches once a season..or once a year. Or, just drop it out in the world, publish it, and once there is a logged issue, archive it.
  6. It's not about how fast you get jaded either... I didn't read the OP as a complaint, more like a rally cry. I try to practice the art of cache karma- leave a cache better stocked that I found it and hope that others will do the same. It was that, a rally cry, a geo-pep rally. Thank you for pointing others to that.
  7. I was going to review all 1,000,000 threads, but I ran out of time...I was near half way through...they must have all been buried at the end. I sincerely apologize.
  8. You only have one chance at a first impression. My own personal experience is that some cache owners just let the Swag run out, and do not ever monitor or refill. It almost resembles laziness or lack of respect to other cachers. That being said; I know it is also the responsibility of the visiting cachers to trde equally from their perspective. IN a perfect caching world, there should be no need to refill a cache of swag....but this is the USA. Beyond the swag or lack of swag, we cache owners need to remove the garbage on occasion. I have tossed parts of toys, broken erasers, or just plain trash. I cannot tell you how many sig cards I have tossed over the years becasue they were just nasty. So...back to the first impressions issue... I took my 3 nieces out for their first cache experience this past week. only 2 of the 10 caches had any swag. All were small or regular in size. One of them I had visited in April, and there was no swag in it then, so I dropped some items in it. Three months later, It was empty again less a couple of those dry packs to soak moisture up. So I tried to tell my nieces that there is actually swag to trade in caches, but I fear they were not totally convinced. So, Do any owners check and reload? I know my friend carries a lot of extra SWAG to load up caches as he finds them empty so kids can enjoy the hike even more. I guess this thread/post is 50% rant 50% request to get more on the ball and visit your cache on occasion. Maybe atleast every spring, as here in Michigan Summer is the busy time for caching. I guess I just am of the team that thinks there is more to this than dropping micros and caches that you never go back to...you just archive once there is an issue. MAINTAIN THE CACHES MY BROTHAS AND SISTAS!!! We are in danger of becoming our own worst enemy when it comes to the growth of caching. Thats all. Cache on...
  9. Don't give up... I am sure they are out there....maybe a grandfathered puzzle with ALR...
  10. I was just going ignore this thread, but as a Pagan, I have a lot of Christian friends and much respect for their religion (and for all religions for that matter). You probably really have no idea anything about Pagans if you feel the need to generalize them. This is a forum about geocaching not about who thinks his or her religion is better. I think that was pretty rude. Take a lesson from your own signature: "Treat people like I want to be treated..." Sorry Nymph....just stirring the pot on a thread that is so ridiculous, it of course needed some more manufactured ignorance thrown in...I am not a religous person, I am a Christian, however. And I am quite versed in Pagans. I was one once. Childish creatures, pagans are...1 Corinthians 13:11-12 I am cool with Christian swag. as mentioned above, there is "religous' swag all over. Not all is Christian in origin. We have all seen runes, aztec stuff, rosary's etc. Please note, I do not need another WWJD bracelet..EVER. No big deal. Sorry MODS, I will stay on task now. I mentioned Christianity, and I was only speaking in refernce to myself. And pagans are not religous nor is it a religion. I just read the previous MOD comment to stay on OP topic....my bad. I am focused now.
  11. Three things. LPC are lame and lazy (imho) why camo a LPC with brown camo tape? Why is it not labeled as a cache on the outside if it in an urban area? We may or may not ever learn...
  12. the only place that FTF's are real, are in the "FTF hounds" mind. Can't log what is not real.....
  13. OK, here it is, my issue is that the name of this magazine promotes or represents one of the worst traits in geocaching overall. There is more negativity and angst in situations with FTF hounds than any other activity in caching. They could have chosen a more positive name, IMHO. However, now that we can ALL have FTF's (first time finding), that makes caching so much less grumpy. (cna you say "so much" and "less" in the same sentence?) Finally, since the reputation on this magazine is that it is not all about FTF'ers, I have decided to put up or shut up. I just ordered it via PayPal. WHO-DEY!
  14. don;t forget to cancel the "auto-renew". I might have bought it, but do not like my money out of my control...
  15. Naw, I think this guy is alright, despite the unfortunate Mag name. Hey, didn't it used to be 9 out of 10 children who didn't like the micros and nanos? It was 9 of 10...but I found out the tenth kid was actually Bittsen.....so he was removed from the line up. the new tenth kid hates em. A perfect 10.
  16. also has same issues on my office Desktop PC...
  17. I have a gateway Laptop running Vista. Gual 64 processor. All good. Even my DSl is top speed. But the Basecamp program opens SLOW...and takes forever to transition from one task to another. Never mind the download speed...that is another animal. but the program is a mess. Anyone esle?
  18. I have to do one of these this summer. Theya re so fun to find. Fox trot...nice looking V. I have a three year old female.
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