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Why Are There Copy Travel Bugs?

Team Foxx

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Should the first tag go missing you can re-release the bug with the copy tag. Should the second tag go missing you can make a homemade one.


Please note that it important to verify that the tag has been confirmed as missing and that enough time has passed like it is unlikely to resurface. Then you can re-release another traveler.


It has happened where someone released a copy and the original resurfaced. One of them had to be pulled out of circulation so there wouldn't be confusion as to which cache the bug should be listed in.

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Its all a little bit of common sence.


"Every person deserves a 2nd chance" thats the motto. So just incase the travel bug gets stolen, stuck in a spot, or lost, you always have another one. Then if that one gets lost, you can get another one or make one.


Have fun caching, be safe, and strive to survive.

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