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Problems with printing cache pages

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Geocaching.com has done some minor updates lately.


They've added bigger maps to the print friendly cache pages. So, when you print off a cache page, you have a cache description on one side, and the map on a separate page. The maps are also more specific. And, if you want extra logs, it will be longer.


Now, if you want just a one paged cache, without maps and log as they'd be on a second page,, you can click print, and on your left hand side you should be able to choose the amount of pages you'd like to print. I.E. Typing in 1 to 1 would print the first page excluding the second and possibly third.


IF you need more clarifications, feel free to post so and I'll try to clear thing up a bit if need be.


The complete list of updates to geocaching.com can be found here.


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