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Garmin Oregon 2.86 Beta

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I'm on here daily and didn't see the threds???


Thanks for the linky's g-o-cashers - was going to open one myself.



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For the sake of completeness: I'm back from Florida where my Oregon running 2.86 was amazingly accurate. Back in Germany I was back to the same problems: When searching for a cache the Oregon would lead me to on point and then all of a sudden point me to another spot about 10 to 15 meters away and then to another and so on... Didn't change a thing but my own location.


I'm now on 2.93 and will post my experience in that thread...

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New Question concerning maps on an Oregon 400c. Just got a 400c a couple of days ago. First thing I did was to update software to 2.86. Customized all profiles and settings to my likes. Have U.S Topo v3, CN NT v8, a few custom maps installed. Problem is when I zoom in I loose the Topo and/or street detail and it reverts to the base map being Blue Chart with only the major streets and highways.


Ex. in Automotive Profile with only CN NT v8 and U.S. Marine g2i v2.51 enabled my street detail appears at zoom level 0.2 miles, as I continue to zoom in all street detail disappears at zoom level 500' and I only see the base map. In Setup: Detail set to Normal; Shaded Relief Off; Text Size set to Medium for all choices; Zoom Levels all set to Auto.


Ex. in Recreational Profile with only U.S. Topo v3 enabled and U.S. Marine g2i v2.51 plus a couple of Custom Maps all topo detail is lost at zoom level 0.2 miles and is no longer viewable until zoomed out to 0.3 miles.


Another problem I've encountered is on one of my Custom Maps that has a custom dashed & dotted polyline (typ file) that particular custom poly line is not viewable in Blue Charts when Setup > Marine > Marine Chart Mode is set to either Nautical or Fishing. When set to Off the custom poly line is viewable. All other standard polylines in the Typ file are not affected, appearing in their proper colors.


Anyone have any suggestions or can replicate this problem before I call Garmin or revert back to software v2.85?. I have searched the Oregon wiki but did not see this particular problem addressed. Thanks.


edit: Downgraded to software v2.85 beta and still get same results as above with maps not viewing properly. I can disable Blue Charts (base map) and I can veiw street detail all the way down to 20 ft. zoom level but then you can't zoom out beyond zoom level 50 miles as noted in the wiki and screen redraws are very slow.

edit: 3-8-09 Downgraded to v2.80 and still get same results; beginning to wonder if problem is with the layering of Blue Charts base map in association with other maps, since I haven't heard of any similiar problems with the 400t or 440i?



Reply to my above question from Garmin regarding street maps and topo maps not showing up on GPS with Marine Charts as base map. Below is the Customer Service Tech's response after talking to Engineering.


This is a known issue in both the Colorado and Oregon. It can happen anytime one of the maps contain satellite imagery (as the preloaded maps on the c and i do). The only solution right now is to disable the basemap on those units when you want to use CityNav.



Basically this is going to require an update however I do not have a timeline for you.




xxxxxxxxx (deleted for confidentiality)

Outdoor/Fitness Product Support Specialist - Day

Garmin International

1200 E 151 St.

Olathe, KS 66062




This also applies to topo maps.

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B) This thread is dead! Long live the 2.93 thread :rolleyes:


If you have an issue with an Oregon @ 2.86 or lower, try the newest release (currently beta v2.93).

If v2.93 didn't fix your issue, update that releases' thread.

ty :blink:

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