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Which GPS to buy


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We are newbie's. We bought a Magellan Triton 1500 but in reading other posts it may not be the best unit. I can still return it.


Which unit should I buy? Can I get a good unit for $200 or so? I want one that I can put the GPS coordinates into it, hit find and get directions. I also want to be able to download sites from this website.


Any help will be appreciated. I have become frustrated with my Magellan.

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I have a Triton 400 and this is how I do it...


You need to be a premium member to download gpx files.


1. On the page of a cache, click GPX eXchange File and save it to your hard drive; I organized mine into different folders, basically by city(I usually name them the same as on the website; make sure that the file name ends in .gpx)


2. Upload the .gpx file into Vantage point; from Vantage Point software, click the library tab, select Import to import the file into VP; then select the file from your hard drive. You can only do one file at a time, pain in the butt.


2b. To import multiple gpx files at once, open the folder that contains the gpx files and open VP; click the library tab, then select geocaches(reasure chesat icon). Select the files(hold down CTRL and click the ones you want; then drag them into VP


3. Transfer the file to GPSr. Connect your unit the the computer via usb; then from VP, click the MyGps tab. Then Click Transfer From PC to My GPS on the left where it says Snyc. Then a window will popup and to can select waypoints or geocaches; I uncheck both boxes. Then click the plus sign next to geocaches; then chech the boxes next to all the caches you want to transfer; it'll do how many ever you select. Then click OK and let it do it's thing.


What you will get on your Triton is…


1. Name

2. Cache Type

3. Coordinates

4. Distance from current location

5. Hint

6. Short Description

7. Long Description


What you will not get is…

Size of the cache; I work the size into the file name when I save it; I tack on a 1-5(1 smallest, 4 is biggest, 5 is mystery)


Example: A cache named: Mountain Top and it’s a micro

I would name the file: Mountain Top1.gpx

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