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60csx and paperless caching?

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I've narrowed things down to the 60csx and the Colorado. My question is, can you do the paperless caching with the 60csx as it appears as the Colorado does?


Also, anyone have issues with the Colorado screen not being bright enough in sunlight?


Thanks in advance!


You can do paperless geocaching with the 60csx with GSAK's custom POI macro.

Paperless as in like using a Pocket PC - no.

I use a 60csx, but I carry my cellphone with me everywhere and have the CacheBerry application installed on it for paperless.


I've used the GSAK's macro and Garmin's POI loader and didn't care for it - you might like it though.

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1) No, the 60csx does not do paperless. You can do some things with it, but nothing close to a Colorado.


2) IMO (not everyones..) the screen visibility (without backlight) is the same between the units with the Colorado having the shading turned off and a white background (for the map page). Some other pages are not as good, but it is due to colour choices, not the screen. Some people don't agree, but (IMO) it is more due to the smaller pixel size than the true visibility. When plugged into external power for car use, the Colorado is MUCH brighter than a 60csx, making car use much easier.

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