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In conjunction with a regular Gps unit the Ipod touch with the Groundspeek app is a very useful caching tool. I got a Touch for christmas and the first thing loaded was the Groundspeek app. No you are not going to use it to find caches in the field with but you will be able to go totally paperless with no extra software, no cables, no databases to maintain. Just pick all the caches you are planning on hunting for the day and load them to your Gpsr then use the Ipod to find and save them in the Groundspeek app. Then when you get out and need the hint to help find the cache its right there, or the description for some detailed instructions for the cache. Saves tones of time verses any other paperless option I have tried. Get the Ipod with the Groundspeek app it works great, Best Cash I have spent to help find Caches.java script:emoticon(':ninja:',%20'smid_4')

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