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Stats whenever I want them


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Just downloaded the latest version of Geocache Log and now I no longer have to wait for a PQ from GC.com to create my latest stats. Now I can create a new set as I update the log as they have now included a full HTML stats creation direct from the info that is stored within the log so now have a good day out and come back upload finds to the log and create a new set of stats. It even links straight to my profile for a quick copy and paste job. And if there is anything I want added I am sure that they will add it for me.

Does for me as now just one piece of software does it all for me, stores my finds and to finds, updates my finds directly from the GPS, uploads caches to find to the GPS, creates my MMap .csv file with links to text file for use on my PDA and now does my stats as well.

Everything in one.



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Just a quick update for you all. When I posted about the 'stats at any time' I then thought that if a seasoned cacher decided to try the program they would have to change all the dates after they had uploaded the PQ of their finds. So I emailed the people at Geocache Log and explained to them how that might put people off. Well within a few days they got back to me to say thanks for the info and that the log will now import a PQ of finds into the program and all the dates will be correct. They have also now included a grid of your top cache hiders as well.

Having been out today I have just done an update so have a look at my stats.


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