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How to convert .PNG files to either Garmin or Magellan format

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I have alarge number of topo maps for my hunting and ATV routes that I would like to convert to use on my Magellan GPS or even my buddy's Garmin if possible.


The format the maps are in is .PNG and then there is another file that looks like it is supposed to be coupled with each map and it's .PNG.CAL. For example here is what one looks like, Woods-Lake_23-I_.PNG,this is called a PNG image when you hover on it and it's highlighted. The partner to that one is, Woods-Lake_23-I.PNG.CAL,this one is called a CAL File. I can only view the image file and this opens with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer by default, and I haven't found anything yet to open the CAL file. I would like to be able to convert to use on either Garmin or Magellan GPS, but will settle for either if it's at all possible. Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to give me with this.


Thanks, 1Woodsman

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You can't. PNG is a raster (bitmap). GPS units normally use vector (lines). You can use computer programs such as Oziexplorer to view them.


It is "possible" to make them work with some Garmin units, but it is a lot of work (IMO). They can be made to work with the Delorme units.


The "best" solution is to use them to draw vector maps with an overlay. Some tutorials here: http://www.geopainting.com/en/Howto.html That make Garmin maps. Magellan format requires more work.

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