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  1. Thanks to both of you. I did have navigator working with the version I had without any issue, it was only when I got Topo Canada ver 4 and basecamp did I have any issues, but now that is fixed thanks to JDiablo. L8R,1Woodsman
  2. thanks JDiablo, I just updated and that actually fixed it one way but not the other. I can see and use ver4 in mapsource but still only ver4 in basecamp. Maybe that's all that will work, but this is good. Not that I couldn't do without this working this way it's just that when something is supposed to work a certain way and it doesn't well then that just drives me nuts until I can get it resolved. Thanks again for your help. L8R, 1Woodsman
  3. I'm using 6.13.7 wat is the latest? Do I just do the update in the help section for this? I didn't update in awhile because I have heard some issues about a few of the upgrades so I just opted out because I didn't have any problems until now I guess. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  4. I have heard some people say they are able to use Topo Canada version 4 with mapsouce as well as mapsource maps in their basecamp software. I might have misunderstood the few posts that mentioned this but if I haven't then I am having no luck with either. I can't use Topo Canada version 4 in mapsoure and can't even see it there in the manage maps drop down window or the other way around for Topo version 2 in Basecamp. Is this something I should be able to do and if I should, how do I go about resolving this issue. Garmins website leaves a lot to be desired and I can't even find basecamp in their software section at all. Thanks in advace for any help and input that anyone has to provide. 1Woodsman
  5. I have it working now. I just built the mapset that I wanted and sent it to the unit. Even though the old number came up it still sent it to the unit just the same anyway. So, no issues now and all is working well.Thanks for all the input and suggestions. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  6. Well then in light of the responses here, my problem may lie with the fact that I also have City Navigator North America V8 installed,now I know that one is locked, but I rarely even use that, but I have and that may just be the problem. I am using current versions of mapsource, version 6.15.4 I also installed the waypoint manager that came with the GPS. I also have the Ibycus maps that were posted on this forum in one of the posts. These are the topo maps that are supposed to, and really do work with any mapsource product. Either way, does anyone know how or even if I can get the old ID out and the new one in, or if I can have more than one number in there and just not use the old one as it's not needed anymore anyway. Just an afterthought here, but I wonder if I just deleted both the programs ans reinstalled them? I think though that it's more than likely a windows registry issue and reference that would only show up again on a reinstall if I did that. Any help at all oul be greatly appreciated. I don't se any reference to it at all in the garmin support site of even FAQ Well, as I suspected, that wouldn't work. I deleted both the mapsource programs and only reinstalled Topo Canada and I got the same issue and I'm now in the process of running the upgrade again because it reverted the program back to the version mine was, 5.4, but wouldn't take out the unit ID which is what is preventing me from connecting my GPS by way of a USB cable. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  7. Thanks, I do know I can do it that way, and as a matter of fact I think it;s even faster to go about it that way, but as it stands with the new GPS I can no longer use my GPS connected by a USB cable and link it with my mapsource program for any reason. Is there any way to get rid of the old number and have this new one instead? Thanks, 1Woodsman
  8. I would ask Garmin to switch the codes for the units, after explaining what happened. It might take a couple days for them to get back to you, but they're pretty good about working with their customers. I had to do that with a Legend HCx after it ended up at the bottom of a canyon with my 60Csx. I asked them if they could do it so I could get my maps back on my GPS, about 2 days later, I got a reply and the code switched (actually a new code). I'm not sure how they can do that without having my GPS and the old ID number from the one I returned. I just want to be able to have this new GPS recognized by the map program so I can put the maps from the one I returned onto the new unit, so how would they be able to help with that without sending them the new unit? Thanks, 1Woodsman
  9. I just bought a new Garmin GPSMAP 60CX a little while ago, and today I brought it back for an exchange because I had an issue with it and they just exchanged it for me. Now the problem I have is that the old serial number, or ID number is in my topo canada and I can't upload any maps to the new unit. How do I change the ID or add another ID to allow me to add maps to the new GPS? Thanks, 1Woodsman
  10. Great, thanks very much for so much information. I noticed this in relation to the GPS because I have done so much looking around at the GPS units I was interested in buying. I'm not sure if the new one I have is bound by this or not. I finally setled on the Garmin GPSMAP 60 CX after seriously looking at three of the units I was most interested in. I had the Oregon and Colorado 300 at home for alittle while and broought them back for arefund and the settled on this one as my best option. thanks, 1Woodsman
  11. I googled this before I asked in here, but couldn't get a clear answer as to what exactly this means. Does anyone know exactly what this means and more importantly what it means to the use of a GPS? Thanks, 1Woodsman
  12. I am wondering if there is a newer version of GarminTopo Canada than V2. This is the version that I have and I don't see any other version around. You can't tell from the outside of the box when you see them in the stores, so I can't tell that way. Same way if anyone has them on ebay they tell me they can't tell from the outside of the box and suggest I buy it and install it to see..... no thanks, that's way to expensive to find out they sold me what I already own. Just wondering if I could benifit form any upgrade if it existed. I did do the web upgrade but that didn't upgrade my topo that I know of anyway. Thanks,1Woodsman
  13. Well, the last topic I started in here was which GPS I should get. I had just sold my old Magellan Meridian Gold and was in the market for an upgrade. I was looking to get either the Colorado or Oregon 300. I got quite a few suggestions and more than one of those was for the GPSMAP 60csx. I looked at the CX version of that at two locations. I live in Canada so I bought it at Canadian Tire. The two cheapest places were WalMart at $329.99 and Canadian Tire at $369.99. The next couple of places were charging as high as $425.00 for the same unit, I have no idea why the huge span between the prices.So, I went to Canadian Tire with a sticker from Wal Mart to indicate they sold it for that price and took advantage of their beat the low price policy. This is where Cdn Tire will give you the competitors price, plus 10% of the lower price in Cdn Tire money, which was $32.99, so I got my unit for $297.00. I had both of my original choices at home for enough time to rule out the Colorado right away and I ruled out the Oregon after only a couple of days. I really wanted them to be nice and good units especially the Oregon with the touch screen since it was such a nice toy, but I couldn't justify the fact that I liked to play with it, as opposed to a good funtioning unit. So, I opted for the Garmin GPSMAP 60CX, and not because of price, that just gave me a good reason to be very happy that it was cheaper, just that simple. I only got this last night, but I knew right after I turned it on and used it for only an hour that this would be my choice. Thanks to everyone that helped me to make my decision. L8R, 1Woodsman
  14. Thanks to everyone that took the time to give me their opinion on these units. This confirms what I was really leaning towards, but I wanted some input to help me because I felt I was starting to look at the choices with blinkers on since I liked the touch screen of the Oregon 300 so much.I was so taken with the touch screen that I didn't think I could make a fair comparison of the ones I checked out as possibilities.I'll continue to try to turn up as much as I can before next month when the big day is officialy here and I have to come to a decision. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  15. Sorry I realize now how important that is since the Oregon 400 is no use to me. Right on the first attempt, as I said above, i should have included that little tidbit for as important as it was. thanks, 1Woodsman
  16. Sorry I realize now how important that is since the Oregon 400 is no use to me. Right on the first attempt, as I said above, i should have included that little tidbit for as important as it was. thanks, 1Woodsman
  17. I know that the entire internet and every GPS group imaginable has been worn out answering these types of questions, but I reaqlly need your help. I have my choice of either of these, or any GPS for that matter.This March is my 50th birthday and my wife has decided to take out all the stops and let me pick out my gift. I have decided that I would like an upgrade to my Magellan Meridian Gold and I don't know where to go. I kind of wanted to get away from Magellan because since I've had mine I hear mostly good about Garmin and mostly bad about Magellan, so I wanted to jump the fence to see what it's all about. I use the GPS for the woods and hunting mostly, and most of that use is walking rather than on a quad or skidoo. I do use a quad, bt only to get into and out from various camps and getting supplies in and "hopefully" my harvested game out, so I don't need it for the quad so much. I do use the meridian with direct route NA for turn by turn in the city, but only as a toy and entertainment. Hopefully some of you fine folks can help me out with the pros and cons of some of the better units out there. By the way, this will likely be the last unit I will ever buy or have to buy, so this is why I decided to go higher end and as new fangled as I could. Thanks,1Woodsman
  18. Yea I was kind of afraid that my answer would be somewhere along those lines. thanks very much for your reply and taking the time to let me know. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  19. I have alarge number of topo maps for my hunting and ATV routes that I would like to convert to use on my Magellan GPS or even my buddy's Garmin if possible. The format the maps are in is .PNG and then there is another file that looks like it is supposed to be coupled with each map and it's .PNG.CAL. For example here is what one looks like, Woods-Lake_23-I_.PNG,this is called a PNG image when you hover on it and it's highlighted. The partner to that one is, Woods-Lake_23-I.PNG.CAL,this one is called a CAL File. I can only view the image file and this opens with Windows Picture and Fax Viewer by default, and I haven't found anything yet to open the CAL file. I would like to be able to convert to use on either Garmin or Magellan GPS, but will settle for either if it's at all possible. Thanks in advance for any help anyone is able to give me with this. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  20. I wonder why you say this. Why do you think people are overpaying? Where else could they find for less money? eBay sales pretty much set the price for used items and their value. Maybe it is just more than you would like to spend. I have to agree with those findings. I even used to go to some local auto auctions until generally, the majority of the bidders kind of lost the perspective of what an auction really is. They were the place to usually get deflated prices on the item being auctioned and much lower than any other form of resale. This was always my experience anyway. I have even started to see some items go way over the normal used resale value due to uneducated and over excited bidders and purchasers to the point where I don't use those forms of purchasing anymore as a determining factor for the values of any particular items. L8R, 1Woodsman
  21. thanks for the replies. With this new eye opening news I now realize all is not as it seems at first sight. I did think it was a simple connection of wires and that was that. I guess it's not such a bad price then, especially when you know the technical depth of the adapters involved. I'll just break down and buy one now that I do know. There is not much of a chance to get any ham flea markets any time soon in my area, so as I said, retail it will have to be. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  22. I have a Magellan Meridian Gold and I started to look for a serial to USB adapter to allow me to connect to my laptop. I found the price to be unjustifiably high here in Canada. The price is $30 if I can even find one that low, with them being as low as $2 to $3 bucks in the U.S. Then by the time I get it to my door with exchange, duties and shipping I’m back into a very unfair price for such a small piece of cable. What I would like to do is if someone had the necessary skill to be able to tell me how to fabricate one from my existing serial cable that is a genuine Magellan part and a sacrificial USB cable. I don’t think it’s too complicated for someone that knows what they’re doing because it’s only a few wires that can be used and there are only four pins to a USB connection, that I know of anyway. I would very much appreciate any help and input that anyone is willing to share with me. Thanks, 1Woodsman
  23. I want to add another update to the abilities that I am now aware of again. I can add more than one map and up as high as one gig onto an SD card. The more than one map information is in the FAQ that is the one circulating at the Yahoo groups that was put out by Kevin Harrelson, and Dan Surratt with the newest version being 2.0 put out on 10/31/2003. The information for being able to use a full gig was sent to me by someone that I can't remember, but it works flawlessly. I can send the info for either of these to anyone that wants them, provided of course that I'm not breaking any forum rules by doing this. I hope I'm not already breaking the rules by even mentioning this or offering to send it. Please, someone let me know if I am stepping on any toes already, or I am about to make that type of mistake. I would not like to do this in any way. Thanks, 1Woodsman
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