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My First Non Event Geocoin.

River Cacher
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My First Non Event Geocoin.

I host Geocaching events all the time and i gave away a Geocoin to one of the Cache-A-Teers for his birthday.

I then went home and tried to find some Geocoins i could purchase and use to give to all of the kids for a birthday present and i did not have any luck.

I came up with this so it could be used for Birthdays, Milestones, FTF prizes and any tyoe of a present.Here it is and i hope everyone likes it.

This comes with a custom yellow balloon icon.

This is a series of four diffirent color of borders and icons.

The next coin will be Green, Blue and then Orange.

These coins will be going on sale Thursday at Dorkfish Geocoins.

UR#1 Geocoins.

1 1/2 inch.

100 Nickel

100 Black Nickel

50 Copper LE

More updates will be posted on Thursday and the price will be 8.50 Each27573ce1-1a26-40dc-a381-71ff1d92670a.jpg

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Thanks for the good words.

I did receive alot of encouragement from Lori Darlin while i was trying to make these for the last several months.

So i owe a big thanks to Lori. THANKS


I am not the best speller and i am usually in a hurry to check the spelling.

I think it is all better now. :huh:

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Great job on your coins Mike!!! They are sooo cute!! :huh: How exciting!!! I can't wait to get some!! I can visualize wrapping a present and sticking a ribbon thru the coin and using it with curling ribbon on a gift. That would be CUTE!! Can't wait for you to sell all these because I'm already waiting for the next color to come out in the series. Have you ordered it yet? well have you?? hhmmm are you sure you like my encouragement? :huh::D

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i saw the coins by dork fish......................wow :D


i love them very much :laughing: ......................i fell in love with the silver one..mr geo.error liked the black coin very much.


And the rose one is also beautiful.


I try to post the photos from dork fish by this post but i was not allowed to do that. [strong computer]


Congrats with your beautiful coin, River cacher....i love them :rolleyes::lol::cool::cool::D:D:D

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