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Eu apanhei uma mão cheia deles... Olhem só:


+sharptail, +CaddyCachers, +fox-and-the-hound, +JPatton, lcrans, +braff20, +lorca.nl, Team Geo-Cricket, +Labrador Wild Man, +Spot2, +2oldfarts (the rockhounders), +Tequila, Papa-Bear-NYC, +Team Taran, +bpcooper14, +dannable, +fjones15, Keystone, kaseym, +Team DeLorme, +Cav Scout, +WascoZooKeeper, +Wild Thing 73, +tozainamboku, +kehunt64, flattie, +haglibber, +jclchan, +pailakka, Oak, Croft House Cachers, +baø, +small oaks, Geoff Ogden, n1ml, +tnfishdaddy, Hampshire_Hog, +FamiliaSilvestre, +TheAlabamaRambler, +RustyBeerCan, +DaFunkyFrogs, +Firesong, rambler_3, Punkk, +PengoFamily, +erictheump, +JBnW, +PSHAX, +holograph, +PeachyPA, CYBret, +2 sleuths, +ajsa, stealheader, roybassist, +g-o-cashers, +kaylhar, +GeoForse, +Arthur & Trillian, +TEAM HARTSOCK, +Geo.Error, Difficult Run, CoyoteRed, +Team Incredible, +Ockette, +acadiahiker, +Astro5, gerrycah, +JeremyR, +NOSNOW, +CM-14, JoeW, +Buggheart, paganfrog, +Nozzletime, +iceleftd, +grodan & fiabus, +The Moop Along, +Poum, wkhaz, +bitmap, Dolphin22, +fat boy slow, +rstefano52, +Kitiara & Sal, CenTexDodger, +Low Bat, +yalehockeymom, +Kosh Naranek, Indy Alex, +Savoy, ChadsClan, +Jors, +adonis32, +wubbh

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