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Caches in the same area

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Here I am again. :laughing:


My son and I attempted 3 caches today. We did them in the order they were listed on the Geocaching.com Hide and Seek page.


The first was in one area, the other 3 miles one way, and the 3rd in almost the same area as our first. Now, gas is much cheaper these days, Hooray!, but I'd rather not drive around in circles all day! LOL


How can I plan our route to avoid backtracking? I like to be surprised; both my son and I enjoyed typing in the L&L and following our GPS, whom we call Richard.


How do you plan your cache hunts in one day?


Thanks again!

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Make sure you enter your home coordinates in the system. Doing so, the system can show you the distance and direction the caches are from your home. While the cache will be listed in order, closest to farthest, that doesn't mean that's the correct order to do them in, because the direction is not considered.


When you bring up a list, try clicking the map_it.gif icon, in the upper right. That will show you the caches on a map, and you can make a more informed choice.

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I will also print out a map if I am working on a cluster of caches in an area, but mostly I just use the "find by nearest" option on my GPS. I also use the "show on map" feature on my GPS and then zoom out enough to see the layout of nearby caches that way.


You will eventually develop your own system, so keep on caching!

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