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Collection sale(right place?)


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i have a bunch of Coins, can only Sell the Trackable coins, Most are Activated(Trade Ownership)


Please at least 2 coins shipping is $3 per shipment and paypal only.


PUZZLE SET(4 coins fit together) Activated -$25


pennsylvania 2005 Activated- $5 sold


Kansas 2006 Activated-$5


Delaware 2005-silver Activated- $15


N. Carolina 2006 Activated-$5


Georgia on my mind 2006 Activated-$5


Finland 2006 Activated-$5


Scotland 2006 Activated-$5 pending


UK 2005-not ingraved Activated- -$5 pending


China-Home of the Geocoin maker Activated--$5


compass Rose 2005 Activated-$5 --------sold


2 Micro Tennessee set silver/gold-Activated-$10


Geocoinclub coin, (left out of sold set) U.S coast & Geodetic Servey Activated- - $5 Sold


Yosemte national Park 2006 Activated-$5


Mississippi 2006 Not Activated--$5


GEORGIA 2006 Peach shaped Not Activated -$15------sold


Geocat coin,Geocats unite!( cat head) Not Activated-$8-----sold


Not another Micro cammo 2006 Activated-$10


Dorkfish- Ver.1 Activated- -$10 pending


MrMrs loggerhead Geocoin 2 SET Green,Baby loggerhead Pink, Both Activated- - $40 (i like these) Pending


Spinner coin, regular/micro 2006 Activated-$15


2006 Route 66 Oklahoma GOLD Activated- $10



thats the list for now


thank you

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i have a bunch of Coins, can only Sell the Trackable coins, Most are Activated(Trade Ownership)



compass Rose 2005 Activated-$5 --------sold



Holy moley I hope you got more than $5 for it, my gut kind of sank when I saw that!


I saw that and thought I hope that's a typo, or man I saw a great post to late. If anyone else has one of those lying around??????


Sending email about another on list.

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