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Easily share large files, includes bittorrent option


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Web site www.vipeers.com offers an easy way to share large files. Until November 10, you can sign up for free. Use the code LIFEHACKER20 when signing up.


Here's a short description of what it does, via Lifehacker


Simply upload a file up to five gigabytes in size, and VIPeers will give you a selection of sharing options, from a direct-download URL to a torrent file link which will be seeded automatically by VIPeers and work in any BitTorrent client. If you've ever wanted to create a torrent download but found it too confusing to set up a seeding server, tracker and the like, this is a great way to get started.


Would this be a good way for the free map creators here to get their works out???

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If you really want to make free download available, put it on skydisk.

vipeers and lifehacker20??????

I have to sign in, there's nothing on the homepage, it's a bit gray to me and Mcafee.


Free is one thing. Free and easy is another. Yep, you have to sign in. That's what free e-mail addresses were invented for...

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