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TB hotel?


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Sometimes it's in the name.

Sometimes it's within the writeup of the cache page.

Sometimes you have to guess that if a cache has 15 bugs, it might be a travel bug 'prison'. Well, that's what seems to happen to travel bug hotels. They collect bugs and people do not move them along...


If you find a travel bug hotel in your area, do a favor for the bug owners, move all the bugs along, and perhaps leave a few other new ones behind since sometimes TB Hotels say that they prefer to have at least a couple bugs still in it at all times.

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How do you know where is a TB hotel? How does it work???



Nothing really has to be "official" with a tb hotel...basically any cache that is in a good, safe location has the potential to become a tb hotel. If a cache has a history of many tb's traveling in and out of the cache, then essentially it could be considered a tb hotel.


Some...not all...would like to see at least one tb in the cache at all times...some even require a trade to happen with tb's (1:1 and usually these are called tb prisions...)


When it comes to tb's and caches I try to recall a couple things...


1) TB's are not trade items...they are meant to be moved

-There is no needed for a trade one to take one mentallity...if you can move it in a way that helps the TB's complete the mission the owner assigned, then go for it...


2) Realworld Hotels do not require a new customer to show up in order for one to leave...


3) Only the TB owner has rights to "limit" a TB's movement through various requirements...

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