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How is your record of waiting for the publishing your cache?

I placed a cache in Poland 24th september and I'm still waiting without any reaction of reviewer. So till today it's 12 days.


Use the appeals process.


Sure reviewers are allowed a life of their own. On the other hand, Groundspeak has a service level to offer members. Three weeks is too long. Period.


We are expected to comply with the guidlines on cache placement ... the listing website can also comply with it's own 72hr guidline.


just sayin'

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I've also submitted a cache for reviewing some 10 days ago, and it hasn't been listed yet, nor have I received a note from the reviewers that there is some problem with it. It seems to me as if either there's too much work for the number of available reviewers, or the process of reviewing is badly organized :rolleyes:

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And has the reviewer left any notes on the cache page?


I wrote: without any reaction


My record is three weeks. Surprisingly, reviewers are permitted to have their own lives!


It's true, but reviewers for Poland are from Slovakia and Chech Republic and in this time caches in Slovakia and Czech Republic are published punctualy.


I know that reviewers are permited also to have their own preferences :-)

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