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Useless Hints

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Hints that are too long to fit into my 30 character limit on my GPS.

"The cache is located next to a" :P

Your equipment limitations are not the problem of the CO. That is your problem. If you don't like this, bug the manufacture for new firmware.


Hints should be "to the point" to assist those who still do things by hand. When submitting a cache, Groundspeak even specifically mentions this:


Please keep your hints short, so decoding it on the trail is easier.


So, even if the limitation of the equipment were removed from the equation, the hint would have been better stated as "next to a...". After all, if I am decoding a hint it is already somewhat implied I am looking for information about the cache's location so throwing in "The cache is located..." at the beginning is just useless.

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One of my hints is "if you need this, you are on the wrong side of the river".. although it seems like it wouldn't help, everyone finds it helpful when they are looking!


Or that your coordinates are off....


Nope. It is a very small creek right beside the hiding spot. People often start following the gps on the other side of the creek because it is the larger more immediately accessible side of things.. However, as they start to get closer they usually realize they have to cross the creek. For those who don't figure it out, the hint is helpful! Plus, the cache is quite obvious when you are on the right side.

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The time has come to draw attention to useless hints. In reality, this isn't a major issue, rather just an irritant for many I have spoken with.


That being said, lets throw out the best of the worst here. Although I don't have any recent dramatic examples, my favorites are:


"spruce tree" in the middle of a forest


"don't get STUMPED" ...duh, I wonder what that means...


and my alltime favorite...


"no hint"


What's your favorite??

I love it when the hint is in German - which is useless to me -but if you live in Mallorca that is usual.

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