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camping trip


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Not to confuse you with even more options, but if your routes are along roads (as opposed to hiking trails), then there are also a few ways to use Google Maps.


If you have Google Earth, you can use this method from another thread:

HOWTO: Convert from Google Maps (with easy routing) to Google Earth KML

By benh57.


0. Create your route on Google Maps - maps.google.com. Use the slick route-dragging feature to create the perfect route.

1. Once you have a route, click 'Link to this page'. That will give you a direct link to the route.

2. 'Copy' the direct link. Paste the link into your browser location bar. Don't hit return yet.

3. Add the parameter: &output=kml to the URL. Including the & character.

4. Hit return. Google Maps will create a KML file of your route to open in google earth. (but not geocaching.com!)

5. Once you are in google earth, click on the little triangle next to the route on the left sidebar.

6. Find the 'Route' - usually at the bottom of the 'directions' - little triangle icon

7. Right click the little triangle icon and save as KML

(The initial KML file created by Google Maps cannot be used directly for "Caching Along a Route." It has to be opened and saved again in Google Earth before it can be uploaded to GC.com.)


If you don't have Google Earth, there's a third-party JavaScript called GMapToGPX from Elsewhere.Org that will allow you to create a .GPX file directly from Google Maps. That method is described in detail in Steps 1-3 in this thread. You should ignore the optional part of Step 3, and simply upload the saved .GPX file to GC.com.


Enjoy your camping trip...

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