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key safes


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i spotted some of these in my local lidl today and was wondering if they are any good? i had an idea to use one in a puzzle cache i am starting to plan.

its a padlock style with a combination lock that opens a small enclosure, that will hold a few tradables and log book if my idea goes to plan. im just wondering if they are strong enough to mistreatment and to the coastal weather elements? i couldnt look at the key safe properly as it was in that tough plastic wrap. at £10 im still a little unsure on buying one for a cache.


does anyone rate or slate these?

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I don't know what your Lidl version is like, but we've done a cache over here GCZGM8 which is a key safe.


See this webpage, model 5401 for the type of keysafe used. It was good for a log only, but is rainproof. It was neat that the owner found a 4 digit number very near that could be the combination.


If you've found something in Lidl for 10 quid (no pound sign on my keyboard), then seems a good deal.

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the keysafe i have seen is a bit more cumbersome than that one, and being thats its being sold in lidl means its not the best quality. but im considering getting one, or i will look around town to see if theres any other types for sale in hardware store thats better quality.


look out peoples a new puzzle cache is being formed.

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I bought a pair in Aldi a couple of years ago - one is now out in the field - many have commented on the "interesting container"!


Unfortunately the lid isn't very secure and being in an area that can be potentially very windy, one of the first to find accidentally let it go and watched it fly away into the distance.


I weighed the second lid down by gluing a couple of 2p pieces to it. It's not very water tight - I'm told the logbook is now a little damp so next time I pass, I'll replace it with one inside a sealable bag.

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We have a terminology mix up here.


The OP is (I think) speaking of a combination 'key safe' that can be used in public view, not the sort of thing that originated as a magnetic box to hold the spare car key under the bumper/wheel arch for when you loose your car key.


The type of key safe that was illustrated by Bexybear are common in the USA on empty houses. The 'Real Estate' market is different from Estate Agents back home. Here all agents have access to the same list of properties, if you want to buy you engage a Realtor to find you a home. They all have access to all homes available on the market, even those being offered through other Realtors. Basically, the key for the property is in the key safe and locked over the front door handle. The visiting Realtor then has access to the property key that is behind the combination. There are later electronic versions, but that is the basic principle.


The sort that I mentioned in my earlier post are marketed as being something you fix to the wall of the house so the kids can let themselves in when they come home from school etc, without risking them taking a house key with them. Or in a work environment you might have several staff members that require access to a particular lock on an infrequent basis, so instead of giving them all keys, you let them have the combination to a key safe that is on the wall next to the door. Or for rental holiday homes etc.


I have seen them in UK, I think it was that DIY store 'who can help' but they were pricey, about 30 quid I think.


An on-line example is HERE So a bit more expensive than a plastic box, but if secured properly then not likely to go walkies.

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While we are on the subject of key safes, we are struggling with a few of the cheap versions we have out in the field. As everyone said, they are not waterproof and even though I placed them to avoid the rain, the logs are now reportedly wet.

These are the type we have used:




They blend in great on a metal post or on metal railings etc.


I dont want to spend a fortune but has anyone found any that are as easy to disguise but are waterproof?

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