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Calgary Caching


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We've decided to take a caching trip from Kelowna, BC to Calgary. Looking at the large volume of caches available in Calgary I'm totally at a loss on where to start. Do any of you have recommendations on good areas? We don't mind doing a hike, but nothing too long since we would like to see how many we can get in the 3 days. You can either reply to this thread or email me directly at anakerose@gmail.com

Thank you!!

Michelle (aka AnakeRose)

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There's a bookmark list available with Calgary cachers preferred caches: Calgary's Consensus Favourites


Here's someone else's recommendations: GeoKs recommendations


I've never cached in Nose Hill Park before, but I really enjoyed the view from up there on a previous visit.


Also, the Calgary Area Cachers have a website with a forum: CAC

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As Hurleyanne says, Nose Hill is a great place to cache. Good exercise, great views, and some challenging hides. And if you have your bikes with you then there are the bike trails along the rivers, with lots of caches to find along the way.

I'm from Edmonton, so I can't believe I'm saying such nice things about Calgary :laughing:!

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If you like puzzles, pick any of the ones by 3jaze. He's sort of gone into cache retirement over the last couple of years, but his caches remain local legends.


If you're down south Fish Creek is a great place to cache -- good solid cache density but you feel like you have escaped from the city.


The area around the Glenmore Reservoir (especially the Weaselhead to the west) is a beautiful natural area to cache in. Again, it has a good cache density so it provides a nice balance between nature and numbers.


Nose Hill has already been mentioned. Good example of a natural prairie landscape, except where the City built paved pathways.


Bowness Park in the NW is a local fave. (It can be really busy on weekends making parking a challenge.) East of there is the Bowmont Natural Area which offers a good mix terrain. (Lots of dogs, so it depends on how you feel about canines!)


Those are pretty much my favorite areas for caching within the city itself.

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