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I want to show a couple pictures in my listing of the view from my cache. I see where you can change background images, but how can I list it in my long description?


I think you have to have them uploaded to the internet somewhere then use HTML to insert them in your description. There are places you can upload them for free. PhotoBucket is one of them. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

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Photobucket was mentioned above; that's what I use because it gives me such control and flexibility - and ease!


I use their free version and have hundreds of pictures online.


You can create categories (folders) and share individual pics or entire folders.


The thing that I most like is that it writes the link code for you.




Notice that below each picture photobucket has created four different versions of the coded link for pasting your picture's link into web pages, forums, email, etc. All you have to know is which type of code is correct for where you are placing the link.


Just click on that line of code, it is automatically copied to memory, go to the forum post or web page or wherever you want the link and paste it in.


Unlike the methods mentioned above your picture is now stored online in a centralized manageable catalog to be found and shared whenever you want.


It's amazing what's available for free out there!

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As owner of the cache you can also add photos that will appear as links at the bottom of the listing rather than in the logs. Just click the add photo on the top right. This however does not put the picture on the page, just a link that will be listed after the discription.


Once the photo is uploaded to the cache page like this, you can then use HTML to insert the image into your description, just as if the photo had been uploaded elsewhere.


Much tidier than a note to upload the photos, and no risk of a re-code of the other site (Photobucket, Picasa, et.al.) breaking your link.

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