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Text notifications of new caches?


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Yesterday I became a premium Member because I thought I saw somewhere on the site that premium members could have newly approved caches text to them. I went to try and set it up today but I couldn't find the page where I saw it at....or thought I saw it anyway.

Is there a way to receive text notifications of new caches? If so could someone please point me in the right direction?




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Oh,OK I'm not sure what I was reading yesterday. I thought I could have them sent to my phone by text message without going through the email. I will have to call alltel tomorrow and get the email on my phone turned on. Or I might try going through my yahoo mail like bugsmasher69. I'm going to check into it right now.


Thanks for the replies

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OK, I get it now. :D I'm glad I checked this topic again before I ended up paying for extra stuff on my phone bill. I wasn't aware that a text message could be sent through email to a cell phone.


Thanks for all the help


Technically, the EMail is being delivered as a text message... :D


Just be aware that the message can be delayed up to several hours by the extra steps involved.

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