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The very first L.P.C (where and when?)

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The first one that one that I, RobertLipe, and Southpaw found was on a road trip to AL, placed 7/26/02


Good Dog by Zaybex (GC7662) archived


After getting back home Southpaw did hide this one,


Undercover by Southpaw (GC7D16)


To the best of my reallocation the first one in Tennessee, and still active with only125 finds in six years for a LPC, now that is different



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I'm sure the first one was interesting. Never been done before, an original idea, the whole outside the box thing. That was sort of how I felt about the first one I found. But now I've found enough that the novelty has worn off.


Why? Because, no matter what you think of them LPC's are a part of both the past and the future of geocaching. Enough people like them to keep them going. That's reason enough to accept them. I only wish there was an easy way to sort 'em out. At this point I leave micros out of most of my PQs. I know I miss a few good ones but I still have plenty of caches to keep me busy. Once in a while I'll grab a LPC. Usually when the wife say "Today we do what I want" If I'm gonna be in the mall parking lot I may as well get the smillie for it. :rolleyes:

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The first one I was aware of was in NYC in early 2002. It wasn't in the skirt, but rather under the access panel in the base. The cache was archived after NYC welded the bases of those kinds of light posts shut, fearing that they could be places to hide bombs. This was in the months immediately following 9/11.

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I have always wondered where the very first LPC is and if it is still active?

That’s an excellent question. I’d be curious to know as well. I wonder if it would be possible to research online history and discover the correct answer – or at least narrow it down to a small number of possibilities. That’d be cool – GeoArchaeology!


My first successful lamp post experience had me stumped for about twenty minutes before I finally solved it. Some of the caches I DNF-ed before that day may well have been LPCs. Over-copied or not, whoever created the very first one was, in my opinion, a genius.


It is of course entirely possible that the inspiration occurred independently to more than one person, and that there are many who can legitimately claim credit for the invention.


For that matter there are several other very common and sometimes overdone hide methods, which are nevertheless very clever, for which I would be very curious to know the answer to the same question.


I would like to ask those questions here, but to do so would risk spoiling a lot of otherwise challenging and fun caches for a lot of newbies.


For example:


Where is the first fake-[censored] cache?


Who invented the use of [censored] as camouflage?


Who designed the first realistic-looking [censored]?


When is the first time a [censored] was used as an intermediate stage?


Who first came up with the idea of the finder having to figure out that he must first remove the [censored] from the [censored], and then [censored] on the [censored], before he can [censored] in order to [censored] the [censored] and be able to [censored] the container?


Too bad we can’t rewind the Tape of History, and watch to determine exactly when each classic happened for the very first time.

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