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Can the Colorado/Oregon display custom icons?

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I have my 60CSx customized prettynicely, especially with custom icons showing the different type of caches, like traditional, virtual and so on.


I'm interested in the Oregon and wondered if it can be setup with custom icons like that.


Also, how many characters can be in the name?


Lastly, on the Topo series, the maps are only on the GPS, right and not in Mapsource? So, if you want the CDs to install on the computer, it's better to get the non mapping unit and just buy the Topo CD, right?

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Correct on the icons ... for waypoints, I have not found a way to do this. However, if you load the cache info instead as a GPX file and view it via the geocaching mode and not the waypoint mode, you see the caches with their appropriate icons ... no need to load them as waypoints.


Topo is on the unit only, not on the computer. If you want them online, then I would agree that buying the 300 and adding an external copy of Topo is a better approach. This is the same reason I buy City Navigator and download the maps instead of buying the SD card.

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Unfound geocaches will display the Groundspeak icons for the cache type (except for earthcaches, they show as traditionals). When you mark a geocache found it will display as an open treasure box. You don't have any control over the geocaching icons used by the CO. With waypoints (they are different from geocaches on the Colorado) you can select the icon but the unit only supports the open and closed treasure chest, it doesn't support custom icons like the 60csx series does.


Waypoint name lengths are 32 characters. Geocache name lengths are probably about the same, but I don't remember testing for this explicitly.


This is all based on the Colorado experience. It remains to be seen if this will be exactly the same on the Oregon.


Keep an eye out here for Oregon updates, I should have one in an hour or so.



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With waypoints (they are different from geocaches on the Colorado) you can select the icon but the unit only supports the open and closed treasure chest, it doesn't support custom icons like the 60csx series does.




I have been able to use customized icons as waypoints on my Colorado, for instance, on all of my found caches, I took a smiley, used paint to make it blue rather than yellow, and now all of my finds show up as blue smileys. This may have nothing to do with the question, but the Colorado does support more than the open and closed treasure chest if you enter waypoints rather than caches. I only use the customized for found caches, but have experimented otherwise. BiT helped walk me through this process using the icons, GSAK, and the Garmin's POI loader.

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Right, but your talking about POI's. POIs, waypoints and geocaches are all different things with different uses and capabilities on the Colorado. In most cases people are going to load geocaches as Geocaches on the Colorado/Oregon not POIs or waypoints. The exception might be found databases and the like.


For more information see this first FAQ on this page: http://garmincolorado.wikispaces.com/Waypoints



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Gotcha! Like I said, I wasn't sure that I was on mark with my information or what was being asked. I moved straight from the eTrex Legend C to the Colorado, so much of time, when folks are talking about the 60CsX, I have no clue what they have been able to do. I have enjoyed reading all of your hard work and research on both the Colorado and the Oregon. I am a very happy CO owner, so the Oregon is not in my near future, but whatever state comes after that might be a possibility. Keep up the great work!

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