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  1. I have a gently used DeLorme PN-40 for sale. I have the original box, all literature and accessories, and a few purchased extras. It has had a Zagg screen protector on it since it came out of the box. Looking for $225 + shipping; paypal accepted. I can supply pictures and a list of extras on request. bluemustangpride@msn.com
  2. I will keep it at that price. I am not in a money bind over it, so not willing to take that hit. Thanks.
  3. This will be going on ebay tomorrow if I have no takers tonight. Several have asked about it, but no one has replied, so if you are still interested, let me know or you will have to bid on it on ebay. Thanks.
  4. I will sell my Colorado 400T. It is LNIB and has had a ZAGG screen protector on it since the day I took it out of the box. $300 and I will ship it anywhere in the lower 48. Paypal only. Includes everything that came in the box when it was new... I might even find the receipt.
  5. I did have the same problems, so I will try again and see what happens. Thanks.
  6. I would beg to differ. The Colorado is newer technology, and although it had some issues and bugs, I still think it out-performs the 60CsX. Obviously, you can get or give any opinion you want on the forums, so use your own best judgment when reading our advice. After all, we ARE just giving our opinions.
  7. I have it on both of my GPSr units AND on my Blackberry. The Invisible Shield is awesome!
  8. I have for sale a GPS Enabled Blackberry Curve 8310 in the maroon color. I would take $175 for it shipped. It is branded AT&T. I have had and used the phone for just under a year. It has a scratch on the back cover and a very small scratch on the screen. It comes with all cords, software, etc. and comes in the original box. I prefer PayPal payment, and you can PM me if you are interested or have questions. I will also throw in a used OEM leather holster and a blue gel sleeve. bluemustangpride
  9. This hung up while posting. Therefore no information is showing, and I reposted. The unit has SOLD. Please close this thread at your convenience. bluemustangpride
  10. This unit is SOLD. Please close the thread at your convenience. bluemustangpride
  11. I have a Colorado 300 with a Zagg screen protector that has been on since day one in early February. I still have everything that came with it and the box. This unit is in mint condition and has the latest updates in firmware and software. I prefer PayPal and would like to get $300 for it shipped. The reason I am selling is that I have a Colorado 400T, and a DeLorme PN-40 in addition to the 300. PM if interested. bluemustangpride
  12. Mine jumps to blue almost instantly, and again, the accuracy reading is so good that I seldom check after that. I have been thoroughly satisfied with that.
  13. Yes. The ability to send geocaches to the GPS is there. The ability to install maps and imagery is there. But... In this DeLorme forum post, Caleb Mason glibly remarked that "...many users don't care about Topo..." and "... the only thing the Mac customer is not getting from us now is the full Topo USA software functionality..." The "only" things we're not getting are: 1) sending any kind of data other than geocaches to the GPS (normal waypoints, routes, drawing objects) and 2) transferring any kind of data BACK from the GPS to the computer (recorded tracks and waypoints). Those are some pretty serious drawbacks for a "serious tool." Just curious... you are always on here ranting about the drawbacks of the DeLorme... Do you own one or have you ever used one? The reason I ask: there is no comparison between it and either the 60csx or the Vista Hcx. It far exceeds the capabilities of both. I love and own the Colorado and the PN-40, and have used every Garmin since the eTrex in the field. The PN-40 out of the box is comparable to both the Colorado and the Oregon, with fewer software hangups. I cache with friends that own the Vista Hcx, the 60Csx, the CO and the OR, and ALL of them trust the integrity of my arrow and distance from cache at GZ, no exceptions. While they are playing the compass bounce, I am zeroing in on the cache. I don't understand your disdain for the DeLorme units, but then again, I don't understand why Mac people hate PCs either.
  14. Make an offer on the other items. Thanks PM Sent. Thanks.
  15. I own both the Colorado 300 and the DeLorme PN-40. I love my Colorado, and did not have many of the early problems with it that others have well documented. I was intrigued with the PN-40, so I bought one, and it is much more than just cool maps. It is an extremely durable unit, with tremendous accuracy, and with every firmware update, it has gotten better. My Colorado has been delegated to the dashboard as a navigator, and I take my DeLorme to the cache and on the trails. While both are great units and I am glad I am able to have both, if I could only have one for caching, I would keep the PN-40, small screen, bright orange case, and all.
  16. Having held both in my hands and used them, I would say the PN-40 hands down. The 60csx is a great unit, and possibly one of the best Garmin ever made, but the new technology in the PN-40, the customer support from DeLorme, their presence on the formums to help with problems, coupled with the paperless caching capabilities, places the PN-40 at the top of the list. I bought it in a Black Friday sale to use as a backup to my Colorado, and with every update it has slowly taken over the playing time from the Colorado. I, too, would go to a store and ask to hold one of each in my hands, power it on, and even ask if the salesman will accompany you outside for a walk-around with them. Again, the 60 is the BEST of a past generation, but no way I would choose it today over some of the new units. I am sorry that I can't help with the "technology" questions. I am simply basing my opinion on performance from box to field. Good luck.
  17. I use a Colorado 300, and I have probably loaded over 2000 caches over the last year using the send to GPS button... normally I use PQs and GSAK instead, but I have never noticed any incorrect coordinates, so I would think that it must be a problem with specific units as opposed to Groundspeak. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.
  18. I have the PN-40 and I can highly recommend it if you can afford the higher price and the map subscription. The customer service is great, the forum is great, and the unit is very accurate in the woods. You will need some technology know-how to get going with the maps and caches, but it isn't too difficult to learn. Good luck deciding.
  19. One of my co-workers also won one of these in the same drawing. She would like to get $100 for it, but she will entertain offers. PM or email if interested.
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