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  1. Have these last two VW Bus related Geocoins For Sale. Make me an offer.
  2. Yes, why would I be selling them if I didn't have them here?
  3. They are trackable, must are activated but I can do a owners transfer.
  4. I've updated the pis and added some coins. Would really like to make some a deal on all the remaining and added coins. But as before make me an offer on what you want, or contact me and I an give you a price. First pic is A
  5. Selling off my collection. See any you like make me an offer. First pic is A
  6. Haven't actively been caching in some time. Going to get going again. When I try to install Mapsource again I no longer have a serial number or what ever is needed. What can I use to load queries on a map to view then for an area?
  7. How do i transfer ownership of a a geocoin?
  8. https://picasaweb.google.com/VWDaveB/GarminGPSDevices#
  9. I think I'm high on the 60. I believe $140 is more inline. Keep in mine when you see them new for %200, The car mount is $30 and power cord is around $20. So $180 with Palm
  10. Both gps devices have the following: 2010 Harmon maps on cards, Zagg screen protector, car power cords and garmin windshield mounts. The 60 has wear on the bottom left corner of rubber. The 300 is like new. Palm TX is in hard case and has wall and car charger plus Zagg screen saver. I can send pics by sat and will ad link to this thread. For the 60 I want $160 or $200 w/Palm. For the 300 I want $240. Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fee.
  11. Price drop $75 shipped. Think I priced it to high
  12. I have Palm TX that I know longer. I use Droid and have a Colorado 300. Comes with hard case, 2 car chargers, house charger and 512mb memory card. In great working order and has WiFi. You can download.a.small program to change owners name for device. PM me if you like pics. Would like to get $85 shipped regular mail or add $6 for priority mail.
  13. Thank you very much for you instructions. English is just fine and the instructions are VERY MUCH appreciated and understandable.
  14. Cool hide. Going to have to borrow the one with the hands. Working on a moving skull now. Will have to post video link
  15. How can I navigate back to a waypoint with the Colorado? I know how to average them and mark them. Is there a way, like the 60 Cxs where can do find and select waypoints? I want to navigate back like the screen of a cache to check my coords before posting a cache.
  16. Thanks, it will worth it to buy an orginal then. Thanks for the info
  17. Thanks for the fast answer. That did the trick. I had already thought I got to good of a deal and maybe got a bad unit. Must have missed that scanning over the manual. Like the unit so far, only complaint is backlight. But I knew that before buying.
  18. Just got my Colorado and have all the updated software fiirmware etc. When I lug the USB cord into the unit, already plugged into the PC or reverse order. The unit's screen goes to a pic of a PC hooked to a GPS. Unplug it and the unit powers down. I plugged in a universal car power adapter and the same thing. Is this normal?
  19. For those that have used both the Colorado series and the Oregon series which input method did like best?
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