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Another cache is close too my chosen hiding spot.

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I am sure that I already know the answer to this question. I have read the guidelines. It says " may not be published", "may not". Here is the deal. I do not want to reveal the type of cache I am hiding because I do not want to ruin it for anyone. So I call the property management company and got permission to put my cache there. He thought it was a cool idea. So I get all my stuff ready to go. Then I thought I better check the area for other caches. Hmmmm, that one looks pretty close on the map. Oh boy, this is not good. So I download the cache and "Go To" it. Well, it is with in 60-70 feet of my spot. Unreal. What are the chances? The other cache is pretty easy to find ( 1.5 and 1)under a pine tree and is part of a 7 stage multi. It has had recent action in June. The owner has a lot of caches hidden. My cache is a very specific type and can not be put in many spots. It is going to be a 4 diff. and 1 terr. micro. I realize that some one could come across the other cache while looking for mine, but they are so different and are far enough apart to not cause confusion. I guess I could note the proximity of the other one to mine. I am so bummed out.


Should I just wait and try to find a different spot? I have looked around the area and have not found another spot that will work. But I will keep looking if I must. Or should I just submit it and explain the deal to the reviewer? It does say that the distance of .1 miles is an arbitrary number. What does every one think?

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Actually, Brian's being very optimistic there. It is highly unlikely that most reviewers will budge from the 528 foot guideline for fear of creeping guideline syndrome. Allow 527 feet, then what do you say next to 526 feet?


Checking for nearby caches would have been the first thing that an experienced hider would have done. That, and check for any nearby puzzle caches. You can't do much about multis, but if you're going to put a good deal of effort into a cache that is specialized for one particular location, best to check with the reviewer before putting forth the effort. Most of us have had similar experiences, I'm afraid.

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Agree with others here ... it's unlikely you could gain approval. Why not speak with the other cacher and see if they would be willing to archive their cache (they might if it's been out for a while), move the stage (if it's a regular multi-stage -- you can offer to even help with scouting out a new spot), or if it's a multi-cache puzzle, perhaps they might consider merging with your cache. If you truly have a unique hide that only fits in that location, they may be willing to discuss it with you.


Best bet ... talk to the other cache owner and see if you can work something out or else find another spot.

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Yeah I will start looking tomorrow. My cache is too good to share this space any way. Thanks.


Unfortunately, there's no provision to move a lame cache for a really creative one (taking your word that this is the case. Everyone thinks their kid is the cutest.).


That's why checking the area for caches is #1 on any hider's list.

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First off, no it is not the fishing lure. I have not even looked for a spot for that one. And I know my kids are the cutest :rolleyes: . Well all I meant by that comment is that this cache will be different than most and I do not want people to be distracted while looking for it. I did check for other caches before I submitted for mine. I should have checked sooner though. I guess I just assumed the spot would work for me and did not have a back up plan. Any way I will start looking today for a different spot. Thanks for the input.

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