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What do I do with this one?

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It is not in the GC Database? Darn, why not? We had never seen one of these before.


So, I am logging my find right here.


Log: The disk is in good condition. The setting is solid in the concrete, but the rocks that were cemented together are starting to crumble and the whole base wiggles. It appears as though it was built on site at this particular spot (at the base of "Fracas Lookout Tree").


Coordinates are 36°39.614'N 112°16.317'W.


My Picture.




What is meant by "Visible Area Map Point"?



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Please Waymark it so others can log it as well.

If I ever get there I will!!!!!


From that point the mapped area and terrain are visable.

Some of the old fire towers or most have (had) that transit type instrument for locating the bearing or azimuth of the fires.

It correalated with a map and fires could almost be pinpointed.


I recall a visit to one as a youth and was awed and bearly remember it.

It was also in Arizona but a little farther South in the White Mountains.


Thats what I think anyway.

The Pro's could or may give a better explanation.

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Pictures you say... of course!


First the Fracas Lookout Tree - full view.



Next the top of Fracas showing some of the ladder.



Next the closer view of the mark and tree.



Now for a picture of Corral Lake Lookout Tree. This is a 'Drive-To'.



And the top where the fire lookout sat.



Now, Geo, you know neither one of us would climb these trees to get a view shot, so thank you for the virtual ones. :angry:



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What is meant by "Visible Area Map Point"?




Cool find. I have an affinity for lookouts since my dad worked at several when I was a teenager. One even (Flagtail Lookout) had a nearby "crows nest" that was used in the 1920's but not nearly as impressive as your find. It was still standing in the early 1980's and may be still.


From the NWCG Glossary (National Wildfire Coordinating Group).

Seen Area 1. Ground, or vegetation growing thereon, that is directly visible under specified atmospheric conditions from an established or proposed lookout point or aerial detection flight route.


Visible Map Area 1. Map showing the different classes of visible area covered by a lookout point or points; may differentiate between seen areas, indirectly visible areas, and blind areas, or only between seen areas and blind areas.


Geo mentions the transit that was used in locating fires. It is a fascinating instrument that is called the Osborne Fire Finder.

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The Crow's Nest term made me want to show you this one. It was also found this past weekend along with the first 2 shown above and one other (Cooper Ridge Lookout Tree).


This one is Tipover Lookout Tree.



Almost full view.



A picture of the platform that used to be at the top of this tree.


We thought this was unusual.


This is so much fun!


If anyone wants our coordinates for any of these so you could go find it to log on Waymarking, just Email us. :(



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Akkkk - all those logs of ES1004 WILD but no scenery picture with the disk in the view. :(


There is a multicache where finding the WILD benchmarks on top of Pine Mountain (GCJGVG) is necessary to find the second stage, which accounts for the number of logs for WILD. More scenery pictures are posted on the cache page, though I don't know if any show the benchmark disks.


Take it from one who loves pictures, all of the pictures are stunning! Thank you for the links.



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