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what did i get myself into?

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we are so new to gcing we have only found them by map. but we're hooked.

i posted on another board that ordered a triton 300 and was told...

"Hmmm, you might want to check the GPS and Technology forum and read a bit about the Triton. To put it simply, it has had very poor reviews from a lot of users."

even though it is on it's way....

did i make a mistake?




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Every GPSr model has it's own set of unique quirks and advantages ... it all depends on how you plan to use it and what you expect from it. Having nothing prior to this, you may well find the Triton to be fine for your needs. It will, at a minimum do what you need it to do in order to cache -- and that is point the way to a programmed set of coordinate. It's all those other features as you get into caching that you may or may not be happy with about the Triton including satellte reception/coverage, storage capacity, extra navigation features, etc.


Personally, I wouldn't have bought a Triton -- but I am an admitted Garmin-biased individual.


So, in short, if you like the price you paid and find it capable of getting you to the caches you choose to seek -- then you did fine.

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