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Blue Tooth GPS for PDA.

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I'm looking for a blue tooth GPS to pair with my iPaq. The proprietary battery on the older unit I am using now is no good and a replacement Lipo battery is about 1/3 the cost of a new unit! I was looking at several on this web page ("Bluetooth GPS" section of semsons.com), but I'm not sure which one to pick! Any input?


Currently I'm using a Pharos iGPS BT. I don't know. maybe that its a really good one?

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Any of the receivers with the SirfIII chip or the mtk chip should be a good choice for a high sensitivity receiver.The Globalsat or Holux tend to be recomended by a lot of people.One other suggestion would be the Freedom Keychain GPS it is incredibly small and fits on your keychain.I have it and its great since anytime I leave the house where I might need GPS I will almost certainly have my keys.It will get a satellite lock in almost any room of my house and the battery lasts about 9 hours of consistent on use.I still carry mine even though my new phone has gps since I never felt the need to take it off my keys.

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We use an IPAQ 2210 with a BT Globalsat 359 sirf III with TomTom and/or MemoryMap- and it works great - quickly picking up a signal even in the middle of London. We just use a rubber band to hold it to the IPAQ flip case.

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I picked up a Holux M-1000 for $40 to use with my iPAQ hx4700. The little Holux works great - better than any of my handhelds or my automotive unit in terms of reception and time to first fix. I get 15-20hrs of use between charges, and supposedly the battery pack can be replaced with a Nokia cell phone battery. I forget the exact battery model. The M-1000 also uses an MTK chipset, which works just fine. SiRF is no longer the gold standard or only game in town. I often use my Holux while on foot and from looking at some data I collected for a mapping project, it has no problems calculating positions at slow speeds.

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