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  1. Hey Fizzy had a question about Locus map. Is there a way to get it to do off road navigation like a Garmin etc? Not try and follow any routes just a compass pointing at the location with distance? Looking for a good app like that when I don't want to use my Garmin. Edit found the user manual online and figure it out. Hopefully this will be all the things I needed in a program.
  2. I was wondering if there was a way to import birdesye .jnx files into basecamp? I had a hard drive fail and have all the jnx files backed up and was hoping I could import them back into basecamp without having to redownload them all.
  3. Nope so far the only way for the oregons is to swap to a different card with a different gpx file.or change the names on the card.Luckily my phone uses a micro sd as well so what I have done before is loaded multiple gpx files and change most of them to a different extension and only left one as a gpx file.When I need to swap in a different one I just pop the card in my phone and change the extesions of the file.Its not as nice as having it on the gps but it is teh best option for me right now.
  4. Most of the phones have a price you can buy them for without a contract without changing your contract the problem with some is like sprint wont even activate the phone on the network without the proper data contract I dont know if ATT or Tmobile have a way of enforcing this since you use sim cards though
  5. In decent conditions under some trees in a city park my Oregon and Evo both got me to within 4 feet of the cache they did differ slighty on the readings and distance but not enough to say that one was more correct than the other.It still wont replace my oregon for dedicated trips or hiking but for FTF hunts urban caches and spur of the moment caching I love it.
  6. It would also help to know if you have an oregon or colorado and can support custom maps if so it would be a really simple process most likely.
  7. I did a search and didnt see anything on it but when I went to Garmins Site today I noticed 3.05 was out. Garmin Basecamp 3.05 A fw birdseye changes were noted but I have not tried downloading any imagery yet to see if that has improved. crazyOn2Wheels
  8. Hmm I dunno I deleted my basemaps on purpose and any map installed after that has worked fine as well.
  9. Yes you may have that many in 10gpx files but only a 1000 or viewable at a time just like he stated.And as far as the proprietary cable thing.Most smart phones and digital cameras etc now use the usb to mini usb cable which is the standard cable for 1000's of consumer electronics.I dont even think I have opened any of my Garmin cables for this reason.
  10. Generally on the Garmins you have to load all the maps at one.When you install a new set of maps they overwrite the old map info.So now that you have the new maps you need to load them all at once to the gps.This would be the same way you had to do it even if you had City Naviagtor. CrazyOn2Wheels
  11. Yes I can include a cable.Its a standard usb to mini usb cable.
  12. Decided to sell my 60csx now that I am not caching very much and I have my Oregon and cell phone when I do.It is used and has some scratches and wear on the lower rubber from swinging on belt and rubbing Jeans and pants.The screen has an invishiels cover since new to protect it so any scratches on screen area are only on that.It comes with City Navigator V8 loaded on it with a 2gb Micro sd and includes the original City Nav disc as well.Comes with a handlbar mount and a car trype mount that uses double sided tape.I do not have the original box or manuals. $210 Shipped in Con US to Verified Paypal address You can reply here or email me at ronniegerber@gmail.com which I always get sooner
  13. There are ways to combine the Garmin Topo mapsets into larger segments.The old 100k topo was reduced from around 6000 tiles to 300 tiles or so.
  14. You dont have to have the magnetic compass to use the compass page usally 2-3 steps in the direction will get the compass moving.If you are trying to get to ground zero by zooming in on the arrow and the map page you will have issues wherther you have a magnetic compass or not.I usually switch to the compass screen once I am fairly close to the cache.
  15. Those .tar files you are getting from that website are a tar file which contains a folder called set which contains all of the images and two files that deal with the calibration.You may be able use a tool like winrar to open these tar files and then copy all the images into one set folder and all the assciated .map and .set files and combine them all into one tar file.unfortunatey I currently do not have Java loaded onto my current phones to try this.
  16. What kind of maps are they.I thought .tar was a compression format not a map one.
  17. You could try the free routable maps for Garmin here first. http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php I have not used these myself as I have always had CN loaded on all my handhelds but some local cahcers have used them and been happy with them.
  18. Thank you for the G-raster tool it will make it easier to use alot of good data I found on the seamless server.I downloaded some data and tested it out.I converted 5 tiff images.4 of them were a local park and one was in front of my house to test out.The accuracy and detail is very good.It showed me on the sidewalk in front of my house and always seemed to be within a couple of feet of where I am at.the problem I am having is with the maps in the park.The data supplied by the seamless server was 4 seperate geotiff files.I converted each one of them and copied all 4 kmz files to my Oregon.When I open them on my oregon or on google earth there is some black borders where the tiles merge.Is there a way to fix this by either joining the kmx files or by joining the geotiffs somehow first?
  19. Has Nayone used this software and gotten good results? I tried doing a local park but the program doesnt seem to be able to stitch the photots together well.A lot of visible trails dont line up at all.Might just be some of the settings i am using but tried a few different ones adn still no luck CrazyOn2Wheels
  20. Yes but if he has the 60cs as stated and not the 60cx or 60csx it will not power from the mini usb adapter.you have to buy the Garmin power cable for the 60c or 60cs that plugs into the 4 pin connector on the unit.
  21. If any of you have been thinking about getting one of these I have one that I bought but never used and now I dont go on extended motorcycle trips alone so wont be having a need for it.I opened it up when I got it checked it out and put it back in the box to sit on a shelf. $75 I am in San Jose Ca and can meet locallyor arrange to ship CrazyOn2Wheels _________________
  22. I have used Cachemate for a long time and love it.I don't use it as much now that I have an Oregon but it is always one of the first programs loaded on any new PPC phone I get for those impromptu caching sessions.I saw this post and was doing nothing better so maybe this will help some people out.Copy the GPX file anywhere on your PPC.I usually put mine on a storage card as that is the easiest for me. Open Cachemate and follow along. The main screen where it all begins That brings us here where we can select what database to import to and Start the process. Now click on the GPX file you want to import. This is what you will see for a little while (or maybe a long while if you are trying to import a ton of caches) If all has went as above you will be rewarded with this. You're ready to go now. Happy Caching CrazyOn2Wheels If you have a high speed connection and want to follow along.Right click and save link as Cachemate PPC GPX load tutorial
  23. I havent seen the handlebar mount for the oregon but I have used the Garmin one for my 60csx wtih very good results.It has seen 60,000 miles on the street and a decent amount of dirt.The only time I have ever had it come loose it when I sent my WR end over and a few times but that was a pretty hard wreck and I got lucky that the gps obtained no damage.I originally bought it until I could get the ram mount but it worked so well that I never did get teh ram.
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