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my geocache


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Did you get a note from the reviewer on it? Go look and see if there are some issues or concern posted by your reviewer. How long is forever? 2 days, 4 days, a week, a month...? In general, a "straight-forward" cache is usually published withinin a day or two, at least where I live. (Thanks Keystone!)

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Hi, I thought I would take a glance at your cache, since I figured your Reviewer is probably enjoying a well deserved Sunday rest. :blink:


You've been very patient, thank you. The reason that your cache hasn't been looked at though, is that you accidentally pushed the archive button at some point, instead of posting a note, which is what I'm assuming that you had meant to do.


A couple of things to think about while you're waiting for your cache to be looked at by your Reviewer:


It would be a good idea to change your home coordinates or zip code, so that your Reviewer knows how close this cache is to your home area.


Also, your cache is less than .1 miles from the closest cache. The guidelines specify that caches need to be a minumum of .1 miles (528 feet) from each other.

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