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Expedition Event Cache

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We're considering a new kind of event cache. I'm so far calling it the "Expedition Event Cache" for lack of a better idea just this minute.


It'll be similar to an event cache in that it will invite other cachers to meet and greet. If approved by Groundspeak (I'm hoping they read this and get back to me on this), it will be something loggable for numbers and such.


How it differs is the important part.


This kind of event cache will have a terrain & difficulty rating and will involve a hike to two or more caches. It will probably also last more than a couple hours. Point in fact, it will probably involve camping as well.


Again, if approved, we're (so far there's 4 of us, we're hoping that number hits double digits before we go) hoping to be the guinea pigs for this idea with an expedition to a class 5 cache.


The idea is to get a few extra cachers involved in going to get a cache that would be unwise and/or unsafe to attempt alone. It will also involve a page with downloadable checklists (as it usually will involve bringing extra equipment one might otherwise overlook) and potentially links to weather forecasts and the like. The principle thing is that it will also contain a warning for people who would probably not go for hikes like this and probably a message to leave the binders full of 100+ collected trackables at home.


Now I am under no illusion that I am in any way qualified to work out all the details/flaws of an idea like this. I hope Groundspeak, and indeed other cachers, can give me some feedback on this. Is it a good idea? Is it an original idea? Is it plausible? Should I be locked up for thinking up such a thing? OK, don't answer that last one.

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My wife and I have hosted a couple of events that involved a long hike and camping, they are a blast, just don't expect huge crowds to join you. When the event is four or five miles from the trailhead, the number of people interested in attending goes way down, but for those willing to make the hike the fun factor can go way up.

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Did it a few years ago. Attendance was sparse but we had a blast. Geocachers Catskill Backpacking Trip.


A few weeks ago someone in my area had a event that involved a pretty rugged 6 mile RT hike and lunch at the halfway point. At least 15 people attended that one. Wish I could have made it.


One warning. The event guidelines prohibit events where the purpose is to find caches, so an event that is an expedition to a class 5 cache will probably not get past your reviewer. There is nothing keeping you from hunting caches while on an event where a hike and/or camping is involved, but that cannot be the focus of the event, so be careful how you word your event page, and leave out references to cache hunting.

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