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getting cachmate to see data

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I used another computer to hotsync my p500 to install cachemate. I plan on using a card reader and SD card to import the data but am not having any luck. I had enough trouble generating a PQ but I finally managed.


Now I have exported the file. It has made it so it will download into my palm the next time I hotsync which hopefully will be never, I would like to use my own computer. So I transfered the file to my SD card, them plugged it into the palm. It can only see the one waypoint I downloaded to it earlier as a test.


Does the data have to be in a certain folder on the SD disk? How can I fix it to see all this data in my palm. I have read about all these folks using m500 palms for thier paperless caching but it's been more effort than I thought. I am getting closer to sucess though. I have read some of the links but I can't find anything that helps with putting the data on a SD card.


Thanks in advance.

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When you put the data on the card, it needs to go into the "Launcher" folder. When you put the files there, Cachemate will recognize that a change has taken place with the card and will rescan when you start Cachemate. If you have more than one database in Cachemate, you need to rescan each and put each into their correct database and folder.


I put the Unfound caches into the Default database/Unfound folder.


I put my Found caches into the Found database/Found folder

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