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GPX eXchange file problems?

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I am fed up with having to seriously overhaul and edit those GPX eXchange files! CRAZY GARMIN!


I have a zumo 450 and when I upload the .gpx files (xml code) The only information displayed is the name, type of cache, and difficulty/terrain.


Missing are the long and short descriptions, clue, and logs.


I have to manual copy/paste all of that information into the <desc> tags. Anything below the first <desc> tag doesn't seem to work. It takes about 5min PER GPX file to edit that info.


Anyone know of a more simple resolution to seeing ALL of the info contained in the GPX file?


whew. Thanks in advance! :)


- jeremy

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In that the zumo was not designed for the specific alterations of the Geocaching implmentation of GPX - you will need to find some macro or software that can auto manipulate it into the correct format.


what is the correct format? Any certain language?

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Are you using MacCaching software?


I tinkerd with it, but it won't recognize my GPS :) I get numerous error messages about it not being able to claim the interface. Seems other zumo users are having issues with MacCaching


Now that would make an interesting Mac commercial......

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